The Saudi Civil Aviation Department says New Rules for Travelers are being announced for all travellers coming to Saudi Arabia directly. This is an update from the previous rules. According to the local website, the department said that “these regulations apply to passengers coming from countries from where direct flights are allowed.”

Furthermore, the Civil Aviation Department said that “according to the new regulations, passengers arriving in Saudi Arabia who have not been vaccinated with the corona vaccine or have a dose of a certified vaccine in the country must be quarantined for five days upon the arrival.”

New Rules for Travellers coming to Kingdom

Such passengers will have to undergo PCR 72 hours before arrival and re-test 24 hours after the arrival.

“According to the status in Tawakkalna, health officials are going to take another test of these passengers on the fifth day. Moreover, a negative result means their Quarantine period is over.

Categories of those coming to Saudi Arabia:

There are two categories of Passengers coming directly to Saudi Arabia

  • First category is those who received a one or two doses of WHO registered and unregistered vaccine in Saudi Arabia
  • Another category is of those who took one or two doses of an unregistered World Health Organization (WHO) vaccine and unregistered vaccine in Saudi Arabia

Rules for Both Category Travellers:

  • The rule for them is that they will undergo PCR 72 hours before arrival.
  • Upon arrival they are going to undergo a quarantine period of 5 days. After 24 hours they will have to undergo PCR again.
  • After this according to Tawaklana status, they will have to undergo PCR again on the fifth day. In case of negative result, their quarantine will end.

Rules for Children under the age of 18:

Separate rules are in place for children under the age of 18 with passengers.

  • Children under the age of 18 will have to undergo house isolation for 5 days
    • Those over the age of 8 will have to undergo PCR on the fifth day.”
  • Children over the age of 18 have to quarantine in the hotel as older passengers do.

The agency said the new rules would take effect on Thursday, September 23, after 12 noon.

What happens once the Quarantine period is over?

According to Agency, after the quarantine period, passengers who have taken one dose of the vaccine will have to take another dose of the vaccine registered in the country.

Furthermore, passengers who have taken two doses of unregistered vaccine in the country will have to take an additional dose of the vaccine registered in the country after completing the quarantine period.”

“Passengers will register in the Qadoom app before arriving in Saudi Arabia.”

Those whose PCR is positive during this period will be dealt with in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Health.”

For Urdu Viewers, This Video will help you out in Understanding these rules.

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