Ministry Made Professional License Mandatory To Renew Multiple Licenses For 16 Professions

To regulate city operators, Dr. Ahmed Qatan, Deputy Minister for Local Government and Rural Affairs and Housing, revealed that the 1st phase of issuing professional licenses for 16 professions would begin in early 2022. Ministry Made Professional License Mandatory To Renew Multiple Licenses For 16 Professions.

Ministry of Local Government will start issuing the first professional certificate for the institutions’ workers under its purview within two months. It will apply to more than 72 branch professions that fall under 16 significant professions. If you fall under such profession but your Iqama has different occupation on it then you need to change your occupation on your iqama.

How To Renew Multiple Licenses?

Initially, the Target Establishment will require the issuance of a professional license for at least one worker to renew all its workers’ municipal licenses.

After the deadline for responding to the proposed draft regulation for the issuance of professional and handicraft licenses expires and will be with the participation of the private sector.

Qatan stressed that the Ministry wants to implement the new decision without creating obstacles for private sector entities or affecting their smooth running.

That is why the Ministry has made it mandatory for private sector companies to initially have at least one worker with a professional license and then gradually for 50% of the total workforce.

Addressing a workshop on the role of the private sector in running the country’s cities, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Medina on Monday, Qatan said It was the most significant labor training workshop.

It is due to the presence of a large number of workers who come to work without experience or certification, which has negatively affected the growth and quality of some businesses, he said.

Which Professions Will Need Compulsory Professional Licenses

The following are the significant professions for which the Ministry is trying to introduce compulsory professional licenses in stages:

  1. Air Conditioning Technician
  2. Electronics Technician
  3. Satellite Technician
  4. Electrician
  5. Plumber
  6. Carpenter
  7. Blacksmith
  8. Builder
  9. Painter
  10. Furniture Cleaner
  11. Water Tank Cleaner
  12. Insect and Pest Control Worker
  13. Tree Cutter Worker
  14. Mechanic
  15. Female Beautician
  16. Barber.

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