Petition Filed In United Kingdom To Remove Pakistan From Red List

Petition Filed In the United Kingdom To Remove Pakistan From Red List

Fawad Chaudhry has shared a petition to remove India from the red list and put Pakistan on the red list.

On Thursday, Federal Minister for Information Fawad Chaudhry shared the petition in a tweet saying, “Pakistan should get remove from the red travel list.”

Will The Petition Be Helpful To Remove Pakistan From Red List?

The petition filed in the UK seeking the removal of Pakistan from the red list. The right to vote on this petition is the only Pakistani community in Britain, and almost more than 60,000 have an electronic signature on it.

Pakistan has said that “The red list reviewed again in September.”

If 100,000 people sign the petition, it will get enough value in the British Parliament.

“Pakistan should get remove from the red list,” the petition said. Thousands of Pakistani people got stranded, and families are financially distresse. There is no direct flight. Would you please help us get home? ‘

Mp For Bradford Naz Shah Interview On British Plan To Put Pakistan In Red List

“I am surprise that Britain includes India in the amber list and Pakistan is include in the red list,” said Naz Shah, MP for Bradford West in the UK. It is not the first time that this government has taken a hard line on quarantine.

“India has a weekly infection rate of 20 % per 100,000 people, while Pakistan has a weekly infection rate of 14 % per 100,000 people,” Naz Shah said.

“Earlier, this government did not put India on the red list. They put politics ahead of science and jeopardized our nation’s efforts to fight Corona,” he said. It resulted in the spread of the Delta variant.

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