Relaxations In Covid-19 SOPS

What Are The Relaxations In Covid-19 SOPS From October 17th And Why Ministry Of Health Of KSA Approved It?

Saudi Arabia has announced a Relaxations In Covid-19 SOPS from Sunday, October 17. According to the Health of Ministry of KSA, the following SOPS will have some relaxation after October 17:

(1)-  Allowing gatherings and lifting restrictions on wearing masks for people vaccinated with both doses of vaccine.

(2)- Visitors will also be allowed to come to the Prophet’s Mosque with total capacity, where they will have to wear masks during their presence

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(3)- Visitors receiving both doses of the vaccine will be able to perform Umrah using the Mask Restriction and Umrah Tracking app. Workers also have to wear masks

(4)- The complete restoration of prayer space in the third Saudi expansion section of Masjid al-Hara

(5)- Events in wedding halls will no longer be restricted in number, but participants will have to follow other precautions, including masks

(6)- Saudi Arabia’s General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) has started operating all the country’s airports at total capacity.

(7)- Civil Aviation has directed all airlines operating to reschedule unused tickets for passengers affected by the Coronavirus epidemic. 

(8)- Domestic flights will operate at their total capacity. However, only vaccinated passengers will be able to travel

(9)- Vaccinated citizens can use public transport, including trains and metros.

(10)- Hotels and buffet centres will open once the MOH announces further details.

(11)- Schools will operate with their total capacity. However, students must get both doses of vaccines.

Why Ministry Of Ksa Approved The Relaxation In Covid-19 Sops?

Sources said that a significant reduction in the number of victims and cases recorded by the Ministry of Health because of the successful Corona vaccination campaign. That is why MOh approved the relaxation of COVID-19 SOPS.

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