Register your Vaccine via muqeem vaccine registration Link

Register your Vaccine via muqeem vaccine registration Link

If you are travelling to Saudi Arabia then this is for you. Travellers to Saudi Arabia may register for the vaccine online via a muqeem vaccine registration link provided by the Saudi Passport Department.

The Saudi Passport Department has instructed all foreign vaccinators and non-vaccinated foreigners to register for the vaccine online.

Before arriving in Saudi Arabia, they need to go to the following link

Muqeem Vaccine Registration Link

Immigration process

The muqeem vaccine registration link of the vaccine and the immigration process is moving toward the completion phase.

In a statement to the state-run news agency, the passport department stated that “their immigration process is almost near completion soon. Thanks to the online registration of the vaccine for making it easy. It will be convenient for them not to wait long at an airport or a lousy border crossing‌ ‌or‌ ‌port.

It is open to GCC citizens and new visa holders, expatriates, and their families, the Passport Department said.

Saudi Airlines Linked Eatmarna Application To Its Website

How to Register for Vaccine using Tawakkalna Application

Need of Such Measurements

The vaccination list must be issued to those who have had vaccinations and those who have not gotten vaccinations.

The passport department said that the ban is in place to prevent the spread of Covid 19. In addition, it will ensure the health and safety of Saudi nationals and foreigners residing abroad.

The reasons to take these measurements are to avoid any mishaps during Hajj due to Covid-19.

Message to Pilgrims

Also, among the elderly Saudi population (over 60 years of age), a high rate of COVID immunization was reported on Thursday by the Ministry of Health. However, this percentage shows that they took at least one dose of the covid 19 vaccines.

Therefore, the Health Ministry in Saudi Arabia is encouraging pilgrims to register themselves online for vaccination.

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  1. I’m a Saudi resident,and I’m fully vaccinated but in Philippines,3days before my flight to Saudi I registered my vaccine but can’t enter or not accept in muqeem,I’ve tried many times,and now I’m already in Saudi,how can I register my vaccine information into tawakkalna?

  2. I came in Saudi Arabia on April 19 in visit visa. I took 2 doses of aatra zaneca vaccine from India. When I landed here there was no muqeem. Mailed to MOH no response. What should I do to get immune status in tawakalna

    1. how did you solve your problem; as i am in same case i have contacted all services they mention about to fix the pr however i am not able to solve my problem

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