How The Saudi Exit Re-Entry Visa Will Get Extend For People Stuck In Temporarily Ban Countries:

How The Saudi Exit Re-Entry Visa Will Get Extend For People Stuck In Temporarily Ban Countries

Questions On Twitter Regarding The Extension Of Visas

Most of the Saudi Passport and Immigration Department’s JAWAZZAT Twitter questions are about the resumption of the temporary flight ban and the renewal of the residency of migrants who have gone abroad. License users on Twitter are asking numerous similar questions.

A user asked another similar question, ‘My domestic driver (Saik Khas) who has gone to India from where the ban on passengers is still in place, the worker’s leave will end on September 2, 2021, while the departure promise. It is also the revolutionary period of the worker to find out how the exit period of the worker will get extended

In this regard, the justices said that to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, the royal family has temporarily banned travelers from the countries of Saudi Arabia who are holders of the residence and departure of the promise. The period will be extended free of charge till September 30, 2021.  

How Will The Visas Get Extend Till 30th September?

Under the royal decrees, the period of stay and departure will get extended in phases free of cost without approaching any licensing office. 

  • Regarding the extension procedure, the JAWAZZAT said, “The period of stay and exit is getting extended in phases.  National Database Center and licenses are helping JAWAZZAT to implement this process.”
  • It is noticeable that the Saudi government is extending the period of visit and work visa and the period of residence and departure for the convenience of those included in the list of prohibited countries. There is no need to contact anyone for that.  
  • The licenses further state that those who have obtained a visit visa but cannot travel to the country due to restrictions on direct flights will also have their visas automatically extended.
  • Such people also got instructions to wait for their turn, and their visas will automatically extend when their turn comes. 

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