Ramadan 1442

Ramadan 1442 Starts on 13 April 2021

Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Court had appealed to observe the month of Ramadan on Sunday evening. A statement issued by the court said, “Anyone who sees the month of Ramadan 1442 can record their testimony.”

The court said that “All parts of the country are going to observe the month of Ramadan on Sunday.”The statement added: “If anyone sees the month of Ramadan, let him record his testimony.

In case the moon does not appear on Sunday, the moon should be seen on the evening of Monday, which is 30 Sha’ban according to the Umm Al-Qura calendar and 29 Sha’ban according to the court decision.

Moon of Ramadan 1442 is not visible in Saudi Arabia on 11 April 2021

The moon of Ramadan 1442 is nowhere in the sky in Saudi Arabia on Sunday, April 11. Moreover, Monday, April 12, will be the 30th day of Sha’ban. However, The Saudi Supreme Court has ruled that there is no evidence that the moon appeared in Saudi Arabia on Sunday, April 11, 2021.  

According to the SPA, the Supreme Court said in a statement that “a special meeting is going to take place on Monday evening regarding the sighting of the crescent and a decision on the sighting of the crescent will be issued.” 

Earlier, the Ruwit-e-Hilal committees in various parts of the country had announced that the moon did not appear when the sunset on Sunday. Monday will be the 30th of Sha’ban, and the first fast will be on Tuesday (13-04-2021). This Ramadan will also be in strict SOPs because of Covid 19 Spread in Saudi Arabia.

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Earlier, astronomers had expressed the belief that the moon would not be visible in any country globally, including Saudi Arabia, on Sunday, 11-04-2021. Astronomer Dr. Khalid Al-Zaaq also tells that the first fast in Saudi Arabia is on Tuesday, April 13.

According to the moon sighting, “The astronomers are saying that this year there will be 30 days of fasting and four Fridays in the month of Ramadan while Eid-ul-Fitr is expected to take place on May 13.”

The moon will be visible after sunset on Monday evening. According to astronomical studies and analysis, Dr. Khalid Al-Zaaq expects that the first fast will be on Tuesday. It should be noted that the moon is announced in Saudi Arabia based on the decision of the Hilal Committee.

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