E Visa for Umrah 2022

Saudi Arabia issues procedure for issuing E-Umrah 2022

In the latest Umrah 2022 news, The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has issued the procedure for issuing visas through e-Umrah Gate.

According to Ajil, Akhbar24, in the latest Umrah 2022 news, the Ministry of Hajj has issued a statement on its Twitter account stating that citizens of countries from which there is no restriction on entry into the country can obtain Umrah visa by taking the following steps:

Steps to Follow for Umrah 2022 E Visa

  • Visit E-Umrah Gate
  • The pilgrim should choose a travel agency or company licensed by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah.
  • Take the appropriate package
  • Pay the package. Also, the package will include basic amenities like accommodation and transport.
Tweet by Ministry Of Hajj and Umrah

Few Conditions

Here are some conditions that everyone needs to follow

  • The Pilgrim needs to have return ticket booked.
  • Obtain Medical Insurance.
  • Submit a certified report on the corona vaccine approved in the country.
  • Obtain the date and time in principle for the payment of Umrah and the visit to the Prophet’s Mosque.

Moreover, According to The Saudi Ministry of Hajj, Umrah 2022 pilgrims will be given a special number to follow. Also, By showing this number, they will be able to apply for Umrah visa from the e-Visa service platform under the Saudi Foreign Ministry.

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