When Will Formal Education Of Primary And Nursery Classes Begin In Schools?

According to the state-run news agency SPA, the Ministry of Education says that “Children will start regular education in Primary And Nursery Classes when 70% people of the KSA will receive both doses of the corona vaccine.”

Ibtisam Al-Shehri, a spokesman for the Ministry of Education, said in a statement on Sunday that if 70% of the population had not received both doses of the vaccine by October 30, 2021, there would be no formal start to nursery and primary education from that date.”

Both Doses Of Vaccine Is Necessary For Children Above 12 Age

Earlier, The Ministry of Education has said that students above 12 will have to get both doses of the vaccine.

According to the SABQ website, a double dose for students, including the teaching staff, is already in motion.

“Two doses have been made mandatory for attendance in the teaching process in all schools. Schools will be open from August 29, and for the safety of everyone, a double dose is necessary.

Students, including teaching staff, should take time for the second dose at the earliest opportunity. Also, those who have not yet received the first dose should take it immediately.”

In Saudi Arabia, Formal Education Of Primary And Nursery Classes Begin In Schools.

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