Moe Spokesman Preparations For The Student's Return To School Are In Full Swing

Preparations For The Student’s Return To School Are In Full Swing

The Health Ministry spokesman Dr. Muhammad al-Abd al-Ali said preparations for the student’s return to school are in full swing. The Vaccination Process started for Students.

According to the lesson website, he said that “it is certain that after the vaccination program. The teaching process in schools will be normal. There is no doubt that we are all working to restore normalcy, which will be possible very soon. Cooperation is on with the Ministry of Education. We are assuring the teaching staff to administer the second dose as soon as possible,” he said.

Ministry Of Education Started The Vaccination Process For The Students Between 12 To 18

” Vaccination is also underway for students between the ages of 12 and 18. Vaccines are the only way to restore normalcy. Take the lead and get your vaccination. Don’t believe the rumors.

The Ministry of Health has assured that The World Health Organization (WHO) approved vaccines for children. It is between 12- to 18 will soon be available in all parts of the kingdom.

According to local web news, the Ministry of Health has set up centers for corona vaccination in all regions and areas of the country. Earlier, people above 18 years of age were vaccinated, but now the age limit for immunization has been raised to 12 years.

In this regard, people said they are having difficulty getting a vaccination appointment for 12 to 18 years on the health app. 

The Ministry of Health has further improved the vaccination process and resolved this problem. The vaccination date for children between 12 to 18 can be quickly obtained through the SEHATTY application. Preparations For The Student’s Return To School Are In Full Swing

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