Popular Tourist Destination During Summer In Ksa Part 4

Popular Tourist Destination During Summer In Ksa Part 4

In our previous news, you have read popular tourist destinations during the Summer in KSA Part 3. Now it’s time for the 4th part. According to Arab News, tourists from different countries who meet the criteria will enter Saudi Arabia from August 1.

In a statement, the Ministry of Tourism said that fully vaccinated people would be those who have received both doses of the state-approved vaccines, including Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Moderna.

It is also essential for travelers to Saudi Arabia to enter their vaccine dosage information into a new electronic portal designed for this purpose.

You can add your vaccine information through this link:


Their data will record on the ‘Tawakalna’ application, and they will have to show it to relevant officers for entry to other places in the country.

Beautiful Beach Of Saudi Summer Festival And Pearl Of The “Red Sea Yanbu”

The Department of Tourism has included Yanbu in the Saudi Summer Program for several reasons:

  • Yanbu is the pearl of the Red Sea and the most beautiful beach of the Saudi Summer Festival. 
  • According to the SPA, Yanbu is a commissioner of the Madinah region. It is located on the shores of the Red Sea. It is the second-largest city in the Red Sea after Jeddah.
  • In summer, it is crowed with tourists from outside and inside the country. It is consider to be the best place for an annual vacation. We urge you to come here. 
  • Yanbu is also rich in historical sites, and there are countless opportunities for family tourism and recreational activities. It is recommended that if you come here, start the tour with ‘Mursi Al-Ahlam’ – it is the most beautiful tourist center here – its location is unique – diving and sightseeing programs are made here. – This place is famous among divers all over the world. 
  • Programs are arrange to explore the surrounding islands – the beach is also a lot of fun – there are a good number of cafes and restaurants. There are a lot of things for kids to do in terms of quality people. The front of the beach here is beautiful. 
  • Tourists love the Seafront Amusement Park located in the industrial city of Yanbu City. It is very popular with family members. Locals and expatriates like to spend the whole day here with their families. The caf اورs and restaurants serve delicious drinks and food. 

NOTE: If you are looking forward to the past, there is a lot for you in the ancient Yanbu – Al-Babtain House, Khatib House, Al-Jabrati House, and Suq-ul-Layl. Tourists are glad to come here. British tourist Lawrence Al-Arab also sets up a mansion.

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