Getting Police Clearance Certificate in Saudi Arabia

How to get Police Clearance Certificate in Saudi Arabia?

This guide will discuss the step-by-step instructions for obtaining a Saudi Police Clearance Certificate. The method for obtaining a Police Certificate differs depending on whether you are staying in Saudi Arabia or leaving on a Final Visa.

Always find a way to make it before the final exit. Suppose you leave and have someone else complete the procedure. In that case, it will take a lot of time and tension because of government regulations.

Getting Police Clearance Certificate In Saudi Arabia

Here are the Steps to follow in order to get Police Clearacne Certificate in Saudi Arabia

Quick Summary

In short, a summary of obtaining a police certificate while living in Saudi Arabia:

  • Obtain an Endorsement Letter.
  • Fill out the form at MOFA.
  • Bring all of the required documentation to the police station.
  • Fingerprints should be recorded.
  • Get a police certificate from the police station.

Prerequisites for getting police clearance

Please supply the necessary documentation for each candidate: 

  • A copy of their valid Iqama.
  • A photocopy of the respondent’s valid passport
  • One colour photograph with a white background is required.
  • The charge (ranging from SR 0 to SR 100) varies by nation.
  • Completed application form
    • Pakistan Authority Letter Application
    • Application for a Letter of Endorsement for India
    • Application for a Letter of Endorsement in the Philippines
  • The embassy’s original Letter of Endorsement is officially attested by the MOFA.

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Steps to get Saudi Police Clearance in Saudi Arabia by a visit

Step 1: Drafting an Endorsement/Authorization Letter

To obtain a letter of endorsement/authorization for the police clearance certificate from your Saudi Arabian embassy or consulate. Also, you need to visit/contact the home country’s embassy and request a Letter of Endorsement application to receive this letter.

 Fill out the application, add a copy of the Iqama, pay the charge of 100 SAR, and then submit. After submitting your application, wait a couple of weeks (typically 2–3 weeks) before visiting the embassy and receiving your endorsement letter.

Step 2: MOFA Stamping:

After receiving the authorization letter, make an appointment with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for attestation. Also, The endorsement letter does not need to be translated. Take the Letter of Endorsement to MOFA and bring a copy of your Iqama as well as a passport with you.

Step 3: Pay a visit to the police station

Visit the police station with your paperwork (MOFA attested endorsement letter, Iqama, and passport photocopies). Bring the GR Officer along, as well as your fingerprints, which should be registered with MOI. Further, keep checking your information via the Ministry of the Interior’s registry.

Step 4: Obtain a Certificate of Police Clearance.

Officers at the police station set a date for you to pick up your Police Clearance certificate. Plus, it is because processing takes time. Further, you need to plan on visiting the police station three days after the given date.

Step 5: Stamping and fingerprint

Pay 50 SAR for attestation of a MOFA Police Clearance Certificate. However, Suppose you really are travelling to a British country. In that case, you will need to obtain a translation certificate from an approved translator service centre, which will cost you between 30 and 50 SAR.

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Steps to get Saudi Police Clearance in Saudi Arabia online

Any organization with an operational Elm system can ask for a copy of a person’s police clearance certificate if they have an active Absher account.

  • The GRO would log into the Elm system as well as file a request for a police clearance certificate with Individual Iqama Id in the AMN section. Absher has your phone number on file.
  • The person will receive a text message asking them to approve or reject the request.
  • Log in to your Absher account and go to Services, then General Services. View the requests that are currently pending. Accept the invitation.
  • AMN will send text message verification to the person [this may take some time].
  • The Police Clearance Certificate can be printed or saved online by the company.

Restrictions: Just those with an Absher account can obtain an online Police Clearance Certificate.

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Frequently asked Questions

1 – Is it necessary for me to obtain Saudi Arabian police clearance?

You are not necessary to present a Saudi Arabian police certificate if you do not have current legal residency status in Saudi Arabia.

2 – In Saudi Arabia, how long would it take to receive a police clearance?

Submit the completed form and a copy of your Iqama and the cost for an endorsement letter. It could take up to more than two weeks to process your request.

3 – In Saudi Arabia, can I receive a police clearance online?

In Saudi Arabia, there are three ways to obtain a criminal clearance certificate: Online Police Clearance Certificate, Offline Police Clearance Certificate, and manual Police Clearance Certificate. During my time in Saudi Arabia, I received a manual police clearance certificate. After the last exit, the Saudi Police issued a clearance certificate.

4 – How to Obtain Police Clearance through the Internet?

  • Firstly, Register for a National Police Clearance System account.
  • Secondly, Schedule an appointment with us online.
  • Thirdly, The Police Clearance Fee must be paid.
  • Finally, Go to the Police Station.

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