Petrol Prices for January 2021 (1)

Petrol Prices for January 2021

Saudi Aramco issues new Petrol Prices on the 10th of every month. Normally they increase or decrease it according to the market situation.

Last night Saudi Aramco issued new prices for January 2021. New Price became effective from Monday, 11 January. According to Saudi Aramco, here are the new prices for 91 and 95

PropertyOld Price per LtrNew Price per LtrChange per Ltr
Petrol 911.421.62+0.20 Riyal
Petrol 951.551.75+0.20 Riyal
Diesel0.520.520.0 Riyal
Kerosene Oil0.700.700.0 Riyal
Comparison Table

There is a small hike in Petrol 91 and Petrol 95 whereas Kerosene Oil and Diesel prices are the same as last month e.g December 2020.

Oil prices are increasing globally because of the resumption of flights in almost every corner of the world. Saudia has also announced flight for many countries with new air travel guidelines for 2021

Saudi Arabia is doing its best to fight Corona Virus and they fought very hard to keep Oil prices at competitive levels. Corona has affected this industry very badly and it is still not fully recovered from the jolts.

Saudi Arabia did well in its fight against Covid 19. They are not affected by the 2nd wave of coronavirus. Recently Daily cases are only around 100 as of 10th January 2021.

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