What is the Penalty for the Expiration of Iqama and how to check the expiration date

What is the Penalty for the Expiration of Iqama and how to check the expiration date?

“EXPATS” can only live in KSA if they have a native or citizen permit called “IQAMA” in the Saudi language. This residence permit has some expiry date and works access and there is a penalty for the Expiration of Iqama. If the expiry date passed out, then “EXPAT” can be a severe problem.

“EXPAT” should renew his “IQAMA” in the given time; otherwise, he will be in excruciating pain as expire “IQAMA” means the person is staying illegally in KSA. However, The government of KSA issues “IQAMA” depending upon the work contract and type of work of an “EXPAT,”.

However, if due to some mishap or unfortunate you lost your “IQAMA,” then you should be in a severe mess because your “IQAMA” is your temporary residency permit in KSA.

Expiration of Iqama

Jawazat (Passport Department of Saudi Arabia) is very active on Twitter. Moreover, Jawazat tends to answer almost every Query in few minutes. However recently, One man asked Jawazzat, “What is the penalty for the expiration of residence? Any chance of deportation?”

Here is what they have to say regarding this.

The licenses set out legal points stating that a fine of 500 riyals for the first time is imposed three days after the expiration of the stay. If there is a delay in renewing the residency for the second year, the fine is one thousand riyals, while for the third time, the foreign worker will get deported

It would help if you kept it in mind that the law of delay in stay due to permits has been in force for the last several years, so the immigrants residing in the country try to renew their visit in time to avoid being fined and deported. 

Note: If a person failed to pay the IQAMA fees in time or failed to renew IQAMA in legal time, he has to pay the penalty for late renewal. However, The fine is to remind him that he should have to renew IQAMA on time next time; if the person failed to renew the IQAMA next year, then the IQAMA penalty fine will be doubled.

YearIqama Penalty
1500 SAR
21000 SAR

How to Check Iqama Expiry Status online using Absher

Let us consider, you doubt about the expiration of Iqama, but you don’t know how to check the validity status of IQAMA. You don’t have to worry because, in this article, we will discuss how to check the IQAMA validity status or IQAMA expiry date 

However, to check the IQAMA expiry status using ABHSER, you have to follow the below procedure.

(1)- First of all, open the “ABSHER” portal and put your username and the password to login into your account.

       Here: “ABSHER”

(2)- After login into your account, clicks on the “Dashboard.”

(3)- In “Dashboard,” you will see your account information and some Absher services. Also here You will see an “Electronic Inquiries” button. Click on that.

(4)- When you click on “Electronic inquiries,” a new tab will open, with some services written on it. Now choose “QUERY IQAMA EXPIRY SERVICES.

(5)– After that, put your Passport number and Visa number in the required field and then click on continue.

(6)- After clicking on continue, you will redirect to a new page where you’ll see all your IQAMA credentials, including IQAMA expiry and IQAMA validity status.

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  1. How much will be pay on iquama 3yrs and 6month expire ? Need to file final exit my employeer not renewing my iqama. Please help … Thanks

  2. Thank you for this information about expiration of iqama.

    My employer until now they not renew my iqama.

    Almost 1 year and 5 months😥