PCR Test is Required within 72 Hrs of traveling Abroad from Saudia

PCR Test is Required within 72 Hrs of traveling Abroad from Saudia

Saudia has said that the passenger must submit a PCR Test report within 72 hours of traveling abroad.

According to the Local website, a passenger from Saudi Arabia had inquired about the PCR during the trip, asking, “When will the sample obtained for the PCR be valid? It will be from the time of sampling or 72 hours from the date of receipt of the report. 

Saudia on its Twitter account also told that “the PCR test will be effective from the time of travel.” 

For Domestic Travel

For Domestic travel, Saudia said: “Airport authorities will check the Passengers’ digital IDs before entering the airport, processing and boarding the aircraft.”

The officials will inspect the COVID-19 status of a person on the Tawaklana app before entering the airport. Only those who get COVID-19 vaccination will be allowed to travel.

Precautions and Conditions for traveling

Authorities in Saudi Arabia have allowed Saudi nationals to travel since May 17, but this is conditional. Those traveling abroad no longer need to obtain a travel permit from the Abshar portal before traveling. However, only those who get COVID-19 vaccination will be allowed to travel

The three-point regulations announced along with the conditional travel permit issued by the Interior Ministry include Saudi nationals in the first category who have received both doses of the vaccine and ‘Muhsin Jiraatan’ on the status on their Tawakalna portal. 

3 Categories to Distinguish travelers

Here are three different categories.

First Category:

The first category includes people with only a single dose of the vaccine with at least 14 days being pass

Second Category:

The second category includes people who have contracted the coronavirus and have recovered from it. In the statuses that appear on the trust of such people, ‘Muhsin Mutafi’ (safe from health) appears. 

  • People who have recovered from the coronavirus and are less than six months old also fall into the safe category. This allows them to travel abroad. 
  • People who recover from Corona 6 months later have their ‘Safe to Safe’ status removed on the Tawaklana app. 

Third Category:

The third category includes people under the age of 18. Still, it must obtain an insurance policy from insurance companies approved by the Saudi Central Bank before going abroad. This policy needs to cover a wide range of diseases and corona.

Such youths will be quarantined for at least seven days upon their return and will be required to undergo a PCR test on the eighth day. 

Instructions of Interior Ministry

When the Interior Ministry issued a travel permit for Saudi nationals, it announced that they would follow the country’s rules and strictly adhere to the precautionary measures issued in those countries.

The interior ministry also said that passengers should strictly adhere to the rules issued by the health ministry and wear masks in public places while ensuring hand hygiene and sanitation

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