Opening Of a New Account in Al Rajhi Bank

Opening Of a New Account in Al Rajhi Bank – A Complete Guide

Banking Sector is on rise in Saudi Arabia. Recently Saudia has Introduced Online opening of Bank Acount. All major bank accounts including Al Rajhi, Riyadh Bank, National Bank and all others are allowing online opening of accounts. Here in this article we are going to discuss how you can open New account al rajhi bank online.

How do I start Opening of New Account al Rajhi Bank Online

Visit Official AL Rajhi Offcical Website to Open Your Account application. Click Here for the Website. Click on the “Skip to web account opening”.

Online form for new account at Al Rajhi Bank

After clicking on “Skip to Web Account Opening” enter the Following details in the form

  • Nationality
  • ID Type
  • Iqama Number
  • Mobile Number (Registered with Absher)
  • Your Complete Name
  • Email
  • Max Transaction Amount
  • Monthly Income
  • Captcha Code

Click on the Next and follow Instructions. At the end of the form you will get a “Transation ID”

Visit bank branch

After receiving the transaction id, photocopy the paper and take it to the nearby Al Rajhi Bank branch. For al rajhi bank branch code, Click Find a Branch.

  • Take the New Account or Sales token slip when you enter the bank.
  • In front of the sales counter, take your turn.
  • Give the staff member their Reference number when it’s your turn.

Data requirement for account

  • Copy of Iqama of Passport Address in Saudi Arabia & Home Country
  • Your Mobile Contact Information
  • Letter from the Employer/Company

Get your account number

They’ll ask you various data questions before creating an account for you and giving you your account opening number. To obtain the ATM, go to any of their locations.

The Al Rajhi Bank branch code is the first 3 account number digits. For overseas transactions, an IBAN number is required. Get that account number as well as return to the gate to obtain a token slip for making a deposit.

Apply for an ATM card

  • Wait in line in front of the Deposit Counter, then deposit 75 SR into your account when it’s your turn. That’s the ATM card fee.
  • Afterwards, proceed to the customer care desk and fill out an application for an ATM card.
  • Return the completed form to the customer care counter as well as follow the procedure.

Go to ATM machine

After you’ve received the ATM card and pin code, go outside and an ATM machine & insert the card and pin code. Select other actions on the menu until you find the opportunity to update the pin code. To alter the pin code, select that option.

Re-insert the card and continue pressing other activities until the ‘Enter your mobile number’ option appears on the menu. You will now be prompted to enter the internet banking login and password.

SMS information

  • Really use the option to provide the mobile number, and you should receive an SMS once you’ve finished.
  • When you receive that SMS, walk inside the bank to the customer care counter and fill out the internet banking application.
  • Fill it out and submit it to the bank’s customer care counter.

Get activation message

Waiting for the SMS to activate your phone number. Then you need to wait 24 hours after getting this SMS before going to register Al Mubasher. Make sure you follow all the Requirements and Guidelines to register Al Mubasher

Register by clicking on the link and filling in the needed information. During the registration procedure, you will receive many SMS. Complete the internet banking activation process, and you’re done. We have a detailed Guideline on how to register with Al Mubasher. Follow this Guide step by step.


You have launched a new Al Rajhi Bank account successfully.

Frequently asked Questions

1 – How can I sign up for Al Rajhi’s mobile banking?

  • From the registered phone, dial 920003344
  • For IVR register services, dial number 2.
  • Additional services can be accessed by dialling 0 (zero).

2 – What Is the Best Way to open an account Al Rajhi bank?

  • Visit a bank branch or even the bank’s website.
  • Select the Product You Desire.
  • Please enter the information for the new account Al Rajhi bank.
  • Your Financial Background, Acceptance of the Terms
  • Make a printout, sign it, & mail it. Make a deposit into your account.

3 – What documents are necessary to open a new account Al Rajhi bank?

With Al Rajhi Bank’s mobile application, you may now create a new account Al Rajhi bank that may be a current, or savings account with little documentation.

  • A current National Address Registration is required
  • Valid Iqama, an account with Absher that is currently active
  • A working mobile phone number, the number on the passport

4 – In Al Rajhi, how can I enable mobile banking?

To register for e-banking services, you should first submit your cellphone number at an Al Rajhi Bank ATM and afterwards verify it at a branch near you. Please include the complete information:  15 or 21 numbers, Account number, or  ATM card number.

5 – What are the necessary financial data requirements for Al Rajhi?

The system will ask for basic financial details while filling out the online form to create a new account Al Rajhi bank.

  • Salary is the primary source of income.
  • Do you hold a different nationality? Yes/No
  • If the answer is yes, enter the account information.
  • The account was opened for personal reasons.
  • If you have any other bank accounts: Yes/No
  • Expected Monthly Average Balance

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