Ministry Of Hajj And Umrah Has Opened 17 More Doors In Masjid-Ul-Haram For Umrah Pilgrims

The administration of the two holy shrines has opened 17 more doors in MASJID-UL-HARAM to facilitate the Umrah pilgrims. According to the Saudi Press Agency, Administration has said that “More doors had opened in compliance with the SOPs. One hundred guards will post at the gates to facilitate the pilgrims.”

Which New Gates Ministry Opened In Masjid-Ul-Haram For Umrah Pilgrims?

Fahad al-Maliki, head of the administration’s oversight committee for the gates of the shrine, said, “Ministry has set up separate gates for worshipers at the Haram Mukki Sharif.”

  • These include the Jassar Ajiad, Al-Shabika, BAB 84, BAB 74, BAB 121, and BAB 114 and the stairs of BAB 91.
  • Ministry has opened the stairs of Bab Malik Fahd, Bab Ajiad, Bab Al-Safa, Bab Al-Nabi, Bab Al-Salam, Bab Al-Marwah, and Al-Arqam. These stairs are only for the Umrah pilgrims.

How Will People Know Is There Room In Masjid-Ul-Haram For Visitors Or Not?

  • “The green light on the door of the Holy shrine means that there is room for visitors.”
  • “While the red light on the door indicates that there is no room for more people.”

He said that it is time for people to leave immediately after the prayers; at that time, no attempt should make to enter the Haram.

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