Education Ministry Non-Vaccinated Students Will Be Considered As Absent

Education Ministry “Non-Vaccinated Students Will Be Considered As Absent:”

The Saudi Ministry of Education has announced that children over 12 must get both doses of vaccination to return to school. Education Ministry “Non-Vaccinated Students Will Consider As Absent:”

According to Arab News, Education Minister Hamad al-Sheikh said: “Students studying at the university and those who have not received two doses of the vaccine will not allow taking classes in educational institutions, and their registration will get suspend.” Such students will get consider absent until they will get both doses.

Who Will Be Able To Attend School Physically?

Only middle and high school students who have received both doses will be able to sit in class. Those who have not yet receive both vaccinations will consider absent.

“We urge our sons and daughters, their parents, teachers, and members to take precautions and have to get the vaccination,” he added.

It is noticeable that 409 new cases of COVID-19 were reported in Saudi Arabia on Saturday. Also, the total number of coronavirus cases in the country has increased.

Ministry of Health, Riyadh has 126 cases, while Makkah has 66 cases. In the rest of the country, the number is less than 50. The deadly epidemic in Saudi Arabia has killed 11 more people, bringing the total to 8,469.

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