Ministry Of Education Reply How Will Non-Vaccinated People Get Education

Ministry Of Education Reply “How Will Non-Vaccinated People Get Education?”

Ministry Of Education Reply “How Will Non-Vaccinated People Get Education?”

Dr. Hamad Al-Sheikh has said that schools will be open regularly on the arrival of the next academic year. Students and teachers will attend regular schools. The primary condition for coming to school is both doses of the corona vaccine. Winners will not allow attending school.

According to newspaper 24, the education minister answered an essential question in a special press conference on Thursday. How will the students who cannot come to school due to non-vaccination get an education?

“Teachers will provide online education to such students through the Madrassa platform. The education minister said that there would be various education options on the Madrassa platform from which the students can benefit,” the education minister said.

The Minister of Education pointed out that “Online education through the education platform in primary schools will start from 3.30 pm – classes will continue till 7 pm“.

How Many Students Got The Covid-19 Vaccination?

“The proportion of students who have taken the corona vaccine is up to 93 percent. And the proportion of those who have taken two doses is 37 percent. The proportion of students studying at the university who have taken one dose is 85 percent,” he said.

Also, the proportion of people taking two doses is 59 percent. The number of coronavirus vaccine recipients is expecting to increase in the coming days.

Education Ministry Is Ready To Open Schools:

The Minister of Education said, “Our Ministry has fully prepared the school buildings for the attendance of students, teachers, and instructors. All the necessary arrangements have been made for Corona SOPs in the schools.

Education Ministry spent more than one billion riyals to ensure all the COVID-19 SOPS. Ministry gets rid of 671 rented buildings in the last two years while there are now 232 schools in which 119,000 students will be able to study. 1.2 million students will go to 21000 schools using 30,000 vehicles, and all these arrangements had made.

The Education Minister said that it would distribute more than 71 million books among the students on the arrival of the new academic year, a series of which has already started.

The Education Minister said that more than 331,000 teachers were imparting for training courses during the summer vacations to enhance their support in the educational process.

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