At Present, There Is No Transport Service For Umrah Pilgrims From Kadi And Jamrat Centers

According to Okaz newspaper, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has asked the pilgrims to go to Ajiad or Gaza or Al-Shabika reception center first, from where they can go directly to Masjid-ul-Haram for Umrah as there is no transport service from Kadi and Jamrat Center to take Umrah pilgrims to Masjid Al Haram.  

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has said that they updated the Tawakalna app. Now the UMRAH pilgrims can quickly get the permits for Umrah and prayers from it. 

Who Is Muhsin According To Tawakkalna Application Covid-19 Status?

Referring to the new update of the Tawakalna app, the ministry said that the app has a word (Muhsin) for those who have taken both doses of the corona vaccine.

You will see this word under your COVID-19 status if you have already recovered from the coronavirus or have elapsed 14 days since taking your first dose of the vaccine.

Can You Change The Time Of The Permit After Issuing It?

  • The ministry said that the pilgrims could not change the time after issuing the permits, but they can revoke their permits for four hours before the permit period starts. 
  • The ministry said pilgrims could get the individual prayer permit through the Etemarna and Tawakalna app. However, the pilgrims can also obtain a full-day permit for prayers.
  • A prayer permit cannot be issued for more than one day. However, after one day of prayers, the pilgrims can re-apply for the permit the next day. 
  • The ministry added in the statement that the Umrah permit is for Umrah only. It does not include prayers. 

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