No Covid 19 Cases in Hajj Pilgrims during Hajj Rituals

No Covid 19 Cases in Hajj Pilgrims during Hajj Rituals

The Saudi Ministry of Health said: “No covid 19 cases have been reported so far during the Hajj. They are taking serious Precautions for health and safety. Due to the Corona epidemic, only 60,000 are performing Hajj this year. Vaccination is mandatory for Hajj,” he said.

Special Precautionary Measures are in place

According to Al-Akhbariya, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health said in a press briefing with Interior Ministry and security officials in Makkah on Sunday. In the meeting, they said that “Precautionary measures are in place to prevent the covid 19 during the Hajj.”

“Special field teams are there to provide health services to the pilgrims. Adequate measures are in place to protect the pilgrims from the virus. They are closely monitoring the situation. Every effort is in place to keep the Hajj season safe from any epidemic.”

He further said, “Our efforts in terms of health care are satisfactory. The international community is also praising the efforts. Saudi Arabia is at the top of the list to control the epidemic. This is why no Covid 19 Cases are found in Hajj Pilgrims.

In addition, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has said that 71 tents and six towers are in place for the accommodation of pilgrims. There is security at the entrances to the tents and watchtowers, and an efficient temperature checking system in place.

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah said, “Pilgrims can come from one place to another without any hindrance with the restriction of Corona SOPs in Mani.”

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