Saudi Civil Aviation Department Issued New Travel Rules For Foreigners Residing In The Country

Key Points:

  • According to New Travel Rules, Foreigners Residing In The 11 Banned Countries Can Travel Directly To Saudi Arabia
  • No Need For Hotel Quarantine And Stay In Another Country If The Person Received Both Doses Of Vaccine In Ksa Before Leaving It.
  • All Airlines Get Notified Of The New Regulations, And They Have To Abide By Them.

The Saudi Civil Aviation Department has issued new travel rules for foreigners residing in the country from banned countries.

What Are New Rules And Regulations For The Foreigners?

  • According to the lesson website, the Civil Aviation Department says that foreigners residing in the 11 banned countries have been allowed to come directly to Saudi Arabia.
  • Passengers will not have to get accommodation in the Hotel Quarantine upon arrival in the country. 
  • There will be no need to stay in another country before coming to the kingdom, provided the resident foreigner has received both doses of the vaccine in the country before leaving Saudi Arabia.

The Civil Aviation Department said that all airlines have been notified of the new regulations and abide by them. The statement warned that any airline that failed to comply would hold accountable.

Who Can Not Travel To Saudi Arabia?

The Civil Aviation Department said no one in those categories would allow coming directly to Saudi Arabia.

  • People who have received only a single dose of the vaccine inside or outside Saudi Arabia.
  • Those who have obtained both doses of the vaccine outside the country.
  • People who have received the vaccine that did not approve in Saudi Arabia.

These are the new travel rules for every passenger.

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