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New Services and Functionality of Tawakkalna App تطبيق توكلنا

On May. 04, 2020, SDAIA (Saudi Data and Al Authority), under the Ministry of Health and Saudi Arabia’s National Information Centre’s supervision, published “Tawakkalna App تطبيق توكلنا” on the play store and app store.

TAWAKKALNA was introduced to get an electronic permit to hold out the native business, emergencies, health problems in the period of curfew held by the Saudi Government to control the spread of COVID-19. 

Moreover, This application aims to provide the latest news and medical alerts authenticated by the Ministry of Health about the chronic virus. This application consists of a bundle of permits and features.

These features then allow the residence to KSA to move around the city for local affairs and encourage KSA or international tourists to share any symptoms of COVID-19 in them or other people nearby on this application.

Initial Services of Tawakkalna App تطبيق توكلنا

“Tawakkalna” played an essential role in the control of the spread of COVID-19. This app allowed different “permits” during the quarantine session to visit other places, getting medical assistance and self-disclosure services. Some of the services provided by the “Tawakkalna” application are given below:

  • Issue-e-permits
  • Travel-permits
  • Medical News                         
  • Movement-permits
  • Self-disclosure
  • UMRAH-permit

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A New Update to Tawakkalna App تطبيق توكلنا

With the increasing COVID-19 cases in Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Health took an innovative step. It launched the updated version of the TAWAKKALNA app with some strict rules and services to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The updated version of Tawakkalna has the following services:

  • Firstly, If you open the “TWAKKALNA” application within 24 hours of opening it with the internet, you can access it without internet for 24 hours till first opening.
  • Secondly, Residents can now access their Digital Iqama and Digital driving license through it.
  • Thirdly, Dependents can now register to their TAWAKKALNA account without the need for a registered ABSHER account.
  • Finally, A QR code facility is added.
    • In case you are visiting any shopping mall or restaurant, you have to scan the code outside of that restaurant or mall to know that is there any room for you in the mall or not. Due to the increasing COVID-19 cases, Saudi Arabia’s government limited the people’s capacity in malls and restaurants. Without this, you will not be able to enter any public place.

Download the New Version:

You can download the updated version of the TAWAKKALNA application from the below links according to your device compatibility.

However, the process to register a new TAWAKKALNA account is already in the previous article. Still, for your convenience, we have described each update separately below.

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