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New Quarantine Regulations issued for Visitors coming to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s civil aviation department has issued New Quarantine Regulations for visitors coming to the kingdom. According to Al-Akhbariya and Akhbar 24, the Civil Aviation Department says that with new Quarantine regulations, it will apply the principle of hotel quarantine to all people coming from abroad.

New Rules and New Quarantine Regulations

Here are the new Quarantine Regulations and Rules issued by the Civil Department of Saudi Arabia.

Exceptions from new Regulations:

Rules are in place however, quarantine will be an exception to the following categories:

  • Saudi ladies and gentlemen, 
  • Saudi foreign wife and mother,
  • Foreign husband of Saudi Woman and his mother
  • Foreign sons and daughters of Saudi Woman
  • Domestic workers with Saudi families.

The Civil Aviation Department says that persons in this category will have to observe house isolation for seven days. However, they will have to undergo a PCR test on the sixth day of quarantine. 

Non-Vaccinated Saudi Nationals:

  1. The Civil Aviation Department further said that non-vaccinated Saudi nationals belonging to the exempted categories from prohibited countries must not undergo PCR tests. However, they need to undergo house isolation for seven days, and P.O. Vaccinated Saudis will also be exempt from house isolation and a ban on PCR testing on the sixth day. 
  2. The Department of Civil Aviation said that non-vaccinated Saudi nationals would be required to undergo a PCR test within 72 hours before leaving the country. Also, Such citizens will not be subject to a PCR ban on hotel quarantine or return

Health Workers:

Vaccinated health workers, their families, and their relatives under 18 will be asked for a PCR test 72 hours before leaving the country. 


Non-vaccinated diplomats and their families will be required to undergo a PCR test about 72 hours before departure – observe house isolation for seven days and experience a PCR test on the sixth day. – 


Before leaving the country, the Civil Aviation Department has emphasized that a foreigner must submit a negative PCR report from an approved laboratory and a certified vaccine certificate from his country’s government agency. However, In this regard, it is mandatory for the vaccine to be approved in Saudi Arabia. In addition, the foreigner will also have to buy a hotel quarantine package. 

Instructions to Airlines

The Department of Civil Aviation has instructed airlines to adhere to Corona SOPs during arrivals and departures at airports and their affiliated facilities. Separate tracks for vaccinated, non-vaccinated travelers and diplomats. 

What if someone Violates the New Quarantine Regulations

The Civil Aviation Department has warned that violating the ban on house isolation or hotel quarantine is punishable by a fine of up to 200,000 riyals or imprisonment for up to two years.

However, they can also give both punishments at the same time.

Moreover, the punishment will be double if you repeat the violation. If the foreigner commits the offense, he is going to face expulsion from the country forever after completing the sentence.

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  1. My company provides quarantine for it’s employees retuning to the kingdom right from the airport. Do I still need to book for the institutional quarantine. I had my first dose from the kingdom on 15/3/2021.