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New Rule Alert – New Engineering Test for engineers

The latest news report has expressed that all the Saudi and Expatriate Engineers should go through a progression of a new engineering test. This is necessary for them if they want their work grants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Council of engineers will conduct this test. This test is also necessary because Saudi Arabia is in the process of changing rules and regulations for new hirings.

Council will give the permit to only those who will pass the SCE test. This test is particularly for Engineers. This engineering test is especially for individuals applying for a new work permit and Saudi visa. Saudi Arabia has opened their doors for international flights so there will be many new expats who will come to Saudia.

It is furthermore essential to have three years of expertise before showing up for the test. Presently, the Ministry decided to authorized the engineers. They introduced a framework to qualify them and checked that those working inside the engineering area are genuine.

Saudi Council of Engineers announced new engineering test
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While addressing, the Minister stressed the urgency to survey the foreign engineers’ abilities while working in the Kingdom. If you are enginner but working on a different Iqama occupation then you can also change your Iqama occupation.

There will be an extra course for the new engineers. They will have to finish it every year for the expert permit’s progression.

Structure of the new engineering test:

The SCE (Saudi Council of Engineering) and the Municipal Affairs Ministry will conduct two types of new engineering tests for the engineers coming to KSA.

It is compulsory for the new and old engineers to take this test. Moreover, Pearson VUE, a commission’s strategic IT based global partner will conduct all this expert test

Modalities for the expert test was examined by senior authorities of the schooling and preparing assessment commission and the Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE). The Acting Minister Majid Bin Abdullah Al-Haqeel has given all the directions for this test.

  • Primary test
    • The primary test is for the engineers who just completed their graduation.
    • This test will depend upon the fundamentals and basic postulates of engineering.
    • It is primarily for fresh engineers.
  • Second Test
    • This test is for specialists who have finished at least 3650 days (almost ten years) of expertise in the engineering field.
    • This test is primarily for the post of director or project director.
    • Those engineers who have completed their ten years of experience shouldn’t have to take the preliminary examination.

Frequency of the new engineering test:

The Acting Minister Majid Bin Abdullah Al-Haqeel stated that “The newly graduated engineers should have to give a test every year for at least ten years to guarantee and authorized their skills and work permits.

The frequency of the test will also help their job continues to move.”

He further appreciated the committee and Saudi Council of Engineering for cutting the training course charges from 5000 SAR (approx. 1333 USD) to 1000 SAR (approx. 267 USD). He said that “The work license will be given just if the individual clears the test.”

Why this was necessary:

In a previous declaration, the SCE (Saudi Council of Engineers) reported that they had found around 1200 fraudulent or deceitful engineers who even had dealt with different ventures in recent years in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE) had pronounced the revelation of 1,200 fraudulent testaments of foreign engineers working in Saudi Arabia in past months. Immigrants who were not engineers but appeared in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on engineering visa had their visas altered after they came to KSA.

Over 1200 engineers are found to have submitted counterfeit testaments during this scrutiny while working in Saudi Arabia.

This was one of the main reasons behind this new engineering test. Hopefully, this will bring new standards to the market and new talent will be equally equipped with new knowledge and empowerment.

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