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On 1 May 2018, the Saudi National Address Map Authority (Saudi Post). The Saudi Ministry of Interior introduced an application to locate. Register the national address of a specific person, business, and building. This application was supervised by the SDAIA (Saudi DATA AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AUTHORITY).

Function And Features:

The Saudi Postal Corporation delivered the Saudi Locator reliant on procedures utilized in present world address locating and coding. Where the client can highlight his public location appearing on the guide by the Saudi Locator application. Through the Saudi Locator, a person can precisely distinguish the Saudi post-code.

It additionally gives a scope of choices that the recipient can have through the site. For example, indicating business highlights, huge areas on the map, etc; making it helpful in distinguishing and getting to any site inside the significant residential areas.

Making it simpler for organizations, shops, and transport and delivery organizations to convey orders and proposals to their clients. It additionally makes it simpler for security organizations, for example, the common safeguard and Red Crescent, to arrive at the particular and required destinations.

The E-Saudi locator is viewed as an interesting accomplishment throughout the entire existence of The Saudi Kingdom. Because in the history of Saudi Arabia nobody was been able to provide its exact location to any gathering. Or individual in an actually simple manner. Nowadays drawing the addresses and maps on paper or electronically is not required.

It is simple to utilize and is accessible in both English and Arabic. You can look for the postal location related to the geological area from various aspects. For instance, you can get the postal location by reading the online guide comprising of computerized guides and airborne photos


The Saudi finder includes a few favorable circumstances including:

(1)- The method of locating the public location data all the time without any problem. Expresses the transparency and effortlessness of this application concerning its utilization.

(2)- You can look for a public location separately either by utilizing the map and zoom in. And out or via looking through the quantity of the structure and the name of the area.

(3)- You can easily utilize this service through the Internet, or through tablets, or cell phones.

(4)- It has the capacity to show and zoom out the milestones in the design.

(5)- It can help anybody to utilize or choose an area precisely and effectively, accordingly managing the framework as the supplier of computerized maps.

(6)- The address founded through this service contains a few educational layers, for example, lands numbers, postal division, roads names, and many other services including inns, banks, emergency clinics, cafés, and public and legislative administrations, etc.

(7)- It is accessible for all to get an advantage by locating or finding any area effectively inside the city; which makes it simpler for organizations, shops, and transport and delivery organizations to deliver the packages to their clients.

(8)- It has the capacity of moving the chart and searching rapidly.

How To Locate National Address And Register Via Application?

However, there are many applications and websites that locate your national address. They provide the facility of registering it but the only legit. It is an authentic way is to utilize the official Saudi government provided sources and websites. Below we have provided the official ways to figure out your national address and register it against your IQAMA.

(1)- Download the “LOCATOR – NATIONAL ADDRESS LOCATOR” application from the below links according to your device compatibility software.

              Apple users: LOCATOR – NATIONAL ADDRESS MAPS

              Android users: LOCATOR – NATIONAL ADDRESS MAPS

(2)– After installing the app, open the application and select your preferred language from the two available options available from the three lines on the top left of the application or from the bottom of the application depending upon the android or IOS software.


(3)- After selecting the preferred language, you will redirect to the main home page of the application. Where you will be able to see some different locations in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

(4)- After opening your application, it will ask you a few questions about application access. Which may include “Whether you want to allow this application to access your location or not?” and “Whether you want to allow this application to access your gallery and camera or not? As both of the previously mentioned services will help you adding IQAMA credentials. You are current location so you should have to allow both of the services in order to use this application without any difficulty.

(5)- Once you allowed this service, you will have to locate your residential location from the search tab. You can drag the cursor to point out your residential location.

Note: You have to select your residential location, not your current location as it might be possible that you are locating your national address at the office or any 2nd party home.

(6)- After locating your residential location you have to click on the building or resident where you live. Once you clicked on it, you will see the complete residential address at the bottom of the application. This national address will contain:

              (a)- Building Number

              (b)- District Name

              (c)- City Name

              (d)- Street Name

              (e)- Postal Address

(8)- Once you located the national address through the above method you will be able to register it now. To register your national address, you have to click on the “REGISTER YOUR NATIONAL ADDRESS” button located at the bottom right of the application.

(9)- After clicking on the registration button you will redirect to the new tab where you have to select the type of person who wanted to register his national address from the three given options:

            (a)- Registration of Individual

            (b)- Registration of Business Sector

            (c)- Registration of Government Agencies

Note: This page will be in Arabic application and in order to switch to the English language click on the above “ENGLISH” button.

(10)- Once you choose the type of person such as “INDIVIDUAL” you will redirect to a new page where you will see two options including the “Registration of new address” and “Update previously mentioned address”. If you want to register a new address then click on the “Registration of new address” button otherwise click on the “UPDATE” button in order to do changes to the previously mentioned national address.

(11)- Once you choose your required service such as “Registration of new address” you will redirect to a new page where you will see a bunch of terms and policies. In order to move to the next step, you have to click on the check-box to agree with the terms and conditions, and then after that click on the “REGISTER” button to carry on the registration process.

(12)- After agreeing with the terms and regulations, you will be re-directed to a new page in which you have to add some address information including:

             (a)- Region (Make sure you select your residency region, not your current region)

             (b)- City (Make sure you select your residency city, not your current city)

             (c)- District (Make sure you select your residency district, not your current district)

             (d)- Building Number (4-digit code written on the building when you locate your address through national address locator application)

(13)- Once you filled in all the above information you will have to click on the “VERIFY ADDRESS” button.

(14)- After clicking on “VERIFY BUTTON”, you will be redirected to a new page where you have to add some personal information about you including:

            (a)- National ID (NIN or IQAMA number of resident)

            (b)- National ID Type (SAUDI or NON-SAUDI)

          (c)- In the case of Saudi you have to add the Date of Birth of the resident (DAY, Month, Year) and in the case of Non- Saudi you have to add the actual expiry date of IQAMA (Month and Year).

         (d)- After that, you have to add your mobile phone number which is registered on Absher.

         (e)- Now add your authentic email account address in the required space.

         (f)- Select your Gender (Male or Female)

(14)- Once you filled in all the personal information you will see a heading of residency information in which you have to add some legit information about your residency including:

         (a)- Type of residency (Flat or Villa)

         (b)- Residency Ownership (Rent or Owned)

         (c)- Are you the actual renter? (Yes or No)

         (d)- Apartment Number in the building (Note: Apartment number and building number are both different numbers)

(15)- After filling in all the above information, you have to click on the “Next” button

(16)- After clicking on the “Next” button you will be redirected to an activation tab and you will get a verification code at your registered mobile phone number. Make sure that you have the registered mobile phone sim card in your possession so that you can register your account easily.

(17)- Put the 4-digit verification code in the OTP tab and click on verify. In case if you didn’t receive the verification number you can click on the “RESEND” button in order to get the OTP.

(18)- Once you click on verify you will be re-directed to a new page where you will be asked to review and verify all the data you entered in the previous tab including personal and location information

Note: For the sake of any future problem or issue please take a screenshot of that submitted information at the time of review.

(19)- After reading all your personal and local information if you feel that your filled and provided information is correct then click on the “REGISTER” button in order to submit a request for adding the national address credential against your IQAMA.

(20)- Now, you will be re-directed to a new page which will be in Arabic. In order to switch to English, click on the “ENGLISH” button at the top of the tab. Once the required page is switched to the English language you will be able to see a message written on it “Your national address is activated successfully and your registration will be activated in a time span of 24 hours”.

Note: “Without having authentic and registered national address information you will not be able to open a bank account, get FAHAS, ISTARMA, driving license, and many more services. So, make sure to register your national address to use these services and to not get a penalty or fine”.

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