An Expat Guide To The Most Beautiful Beaches In The KSA

An Expat Guide To The Most Beautiful Beaches In The KSA

We check out some of the most beautiful beaches in the KSA that help put the Kingdom on the map for expats and tourists alike.

Saudi Arabia may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of tropical beach destinations. However, the fantastic 2,000 km coastline, crystal blue waters, and soft white sand make it very attractive to foreigners.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is leading a plan to launch Saudi Arabia as a major tourist destination; Under the Vision 2030 reform plan. Part of this plan, also known as the Red Sea Project, will see the vast coastline transformed into luxury resorts; It features 5-star hotels and high-end beach clubs. However, specific rules must be adhered to when visiting the beaches in the Kingdom.

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What Are The Beachwear Rules?

If you are heading to one of the public beaches in Saudi Arabia, you should cover-up, as it is considered a general area. Ladies should wear appropriate clothing; This means wearing a burkini (a bathing suit covering the whole body) or an abaya (a full-length piece of clothing). It’s also essential for men to cover up the beaches; Usually, knee-length shorts are accepted, but a shirt is bundled. Since private beaches are closed, they are usually not strict and have an informal beach dress code. However, if in doubt, call ahead and double-check to avoid making serious mistakes.

(1)-  Farasan Grand Beach:

Farasan Al Kabeer Beach features some of the most beautiful blue waters and sub-tropical beaches of all the beaches in Saudi Arabia. Part of the Farasan Islands, it is home to some of the best diving sites in the region; You will find amazing subtropical beaches at your fingertips.

The clear turquoise waters and the abundance of underwater flora and fauna make this a desirable destination for expats and tourists. This aquatic paradise is the perfect place to relax and enjoy some downtime.

(2)- Shipwreck Field Beach:

HAQL SHIPWRECK beach is one of the most amazing beaches in the country, located in the Tabuk region of Saudi Arabia, located about 55 km south of HAQL city. The main feature here is the wreck of an old, half-sunken ship that sank about 20 years ago. The boat sits on a large, picturesque half-moon-shaped bay, which makes for an enviable Instagram shot combined with its stunning backdrop.

Tourism in the shipwreck field beach is very little. However, there are a few hotels within Haql City if you want to stay. Make sure to come prepared with your sunscreen, sun umbrellas, food, and drinks, because with an endless wild coastline to explore, you’ll want to spend a lot of time here. Marvel at the stunning backdrop of the magnificent Sinai Mountains and enjoy this paradise from dusk till dawn.

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(3)- Half-Moon Bay Beach:

Half Moon Bay Beach is named after its lunar shape and has been a popular coastal destination in Saudi Arabia for the past 80 years. The shallow, clear waters and scenic white sand make it ideal for kayaking in the Arabian Gulf.

There are many things to keep the family entertained here; From regular sunbathing to exciting rides in a beach buggy along the sand. You can enjoy Arabic thrills at the local amusement park or relax and unwind while the kids have fun in the play area. Alternatively, you can go sailing on the gentle waves and enjoy some group fishing.

(4)- UMLOJ Beach:

You will find many beautiful beaches in UMLOJ. It is a city in the Saudi Arabian province of Tabuk, 150 km north of Yanbu and home to more than 100 islands. Some locals and past travelers have called it the Saudi Maldives, and for a good reason. During snorkeling, you will find white sand, deep crystal blue water, and coral reefs.

You can click on the below link to redirect to the location of UMLOJ on GOOGLE MAPS

Here: “UMLOJ

How To Go To UMLOJ?

It takes more than 7 hours by car from Tabuk to UMLOJ.

Packages can get found at most domestic travel agents. Yet, the mode of transport varies (By air or By sea). Let’s see the best in the area with our to-do list.

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What Are The Facilities In UMLOJ?

You will find a good number of retail, food, entertainment, and medical options in practice:

  1. UMLOJ has no shortage of beach and water activities, with 104 small islands to enjoy. The beaches themselves are perfect for a relaxing stroll. It is also best for book reading in the smooth sand, wavy palms, and quiet environment. UMLOJ is not popular like other travel destinations in the Red Sea because fewer people know about it. So you will have plenty of space for picnics or beach games such as volleyball. At night, gather your friends and family for a barbecue on the beach under the stars.
    1. The warm, clear water makes UMLOK a perfect destination for diving and snorkelling. Here, you’ll find almost “1,200 species of fish” and “300 species of corals” – four times more than in the Caribbean!
  2. Colourful coral reefs
  3. Green and hawksbill sea turtles
  4. Nodi branches
  5. Dugongs
  6. Dolphins
    1. UMLOJ is rich in beautiful islands, fishing grounds and coral reefs. You can travel by boat to visit neighbouring islands such as Jabal Hassan. It will only take over an hour to get there. Jabal Hassan gets named after the mountain 200 meters above sea level and spreads up to 7.3 km in every direction. UMLOJ was once an ancient passageway for ships sailing between Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt. On land, you can travel from UMLOJ to the nearby mango fields. Here you can find fresh local fruit. A little further on, there is Harat Longhair. It is a cavity of black lava and 50 volcanic cones.
    1. Restaurants, cafes, and cafe terraces range from cheap eats to delicious dishes.
    1. Petrol station
    1. Saudi Post Office
    1. ATM Machines are also available here
    1. Farmers market
    1.  Government offices.
    1. You will find shops that sell a wide range of goods, such as perfume, stationery, candy, etc.
    1. Hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and other medical centres are also available here.

(5)- Uqair Beach:

When Saudi Arabia get established initially, Uqair was the economic centre and one of the major ports in the region. Nowadays, it is a beautiful beach destination with some of the most tropical coastlines and islands in Saudi Arabia. Many tourists and residents enjoy swimming in the clear blue waters.

Although the beach is the main attraction for visitors, the historic castle adds a nice dose of culture to your day out. With so few shops and dining establishments, you’ll need to pack swimming gear, drinks, and snacks in advance.

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