Ministry Of Health: Mixing Of Certain Vaccines Is Safe For Use, However, Mixing Some Are Not

Ministry of Health spokesman Dr. Muhammad al-Abd al-Ali said, that the report issued by the World Health Organization regarding the Mixing Of Certain vaccines was not correct.

According to Al Arabiya, the spokesman said: “Based on international research and specialized scientific committees, we believe that we have a safe mix of certain approved vaccines. The World Health Organization is already approving these measures”

However, WHO is already declaring the mixing of some different types of corona vaccines a wrong trend. According to the agency, this will lead to chaos.

Ministry of Health assured that “The mixing of several types of vaccines approved in Saudi Arabia is extremely safe.”


The health ministry says 22 million people in Saudi Arabia already have the Covid 19 Vaccine.

Also, according to the ministry “people receiving the first dose of the corona vaccine are Saudi nationals and expatriates. Moreover, Vaccine is free for all Citizens and expatriates through 587 Corona Vaccine Centers across the country.”

However, the ministry has directed KSA locals (citizens and expatriates ) who have not yet been vaccinated to register for the COVID-19 vaccine through the “SEHATTY” app.

A second dose campaign is already in place in Saudi Arabia since last week.

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  1. I have vaccinated with sinopharam 2 doses which is approved just a couple of days ago by saudi govt. Now as saudi govt: ask for a booster shot either one approved vaccines earlier.i.è Oxford,Phizer,astrazeneca etc.
    So mixing of these vaccines is safe for the individual.