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The Ministry of Labour, also known as the Department of Labour or وزارة العمل in Saudi Arabia, is a government department responsible for setting national labor standards, labor dispute mechanisms, employment, workforce participation, training, and social security.

Ministry of Labor Services | وزارة خدمات العمالة:

To be exact Saudi Ministry of Labor and social development or وزارة العمل offers the accompanying Services: 

1- Firstly, Providing Labor Reforms and update them according to the era needs.

2- Secondly, Providing non-differentiation between workers concerning sex, age, the exhibition of work, pay rates for a similar occupation position among people; 

3- Thirdly, Providing consistency with the worker’s medical health rules and security guideline in the working environment; 

4- Giving satisfactory petition rooms separate to people based on gender

5- Giving workplaces and seats to all the representatives working in the working environment

6- Setting up a guideline for work outfit prerequisites that don’t struggle with Sharia’s arrangements. 

7- Finally, Giving safety officers at the work environment’s primary doorways to guarantee the representatives’ security.

Changes in the structure of وزارة العمل:

However, In 2020, the two rising departments Ministry of Labor aka mol KSA and Ministry of Social Development merged to form a new department known as “Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development is an administration service in Saudi Arabia. It was set up after condensing the Ministry of Labor and Social Development with the Ministry of Civil Service.

It is liable for furnishing the network with improvement, backing, and security. The Ministry is likewise accountable for work issues and their related issues and arrangements. The current Minister of وزارة العمل is Ahmed al-Rajhi, who was delegated in June 2018 

From وزارة العمل to MOHRASD:

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development Organizing the work market through the work rules and guidelines, arranging the HR and creating it, notwithstanding, the settlement of work questions in the private area.

Ministry of Labor وزارة العمل

The Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development Provides head systems to accomplish an effective and prosperous work market and coordinated enrollment of Foreign Worker. The Ministry is mindful to Manage primary anomalies among public and unfamiliar specialists.

You can access the Ministry of Labor and Social Development website here, “MOHRASD.”

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