What Are the Medical Facilities for Expat Get In KSA What Is the Health Care System

What Are the Medical Facilities for Expats Get In KSA? What Is the Health Care System?

Medical Facilities for Expats: KSA healthcare system is designed to cater to a growing population, with public and private healthcare services. This guide will help you and explains what you need to know as an expat.

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Medical Facilities for Expats and Health Care Overview in Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia has a varied public and private healthcare system, both of which provide good quality services. In addition, about 60% of Medical Facilities for Expats are provided publicly through the government’s Ministry of Health. These include:

  • Primary health care centres
  • The hospital
  • Expert services
  • Outpatient Services

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Vital health statistics for Saudi Arabia:

  • MINISTRY OF HEALTH of Saudi Arabia spends USD 2.4 billion each year on healthcare (4.7% of GDP)
  • Saudi Arabia Ranked 55th on the 2019 Healthcare Index. Furthermore, They provide numurous facilities for Expats inm Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is planning to privatize some public health care services in the next few years. However, the Saudi government has said that services will be free for Saudi citizens. There will be charges for Medical Facilities for Expats.

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