Umrah In Ramzan

Makkah is Ready to Host Vaccinated Pilgrims for Umrah in Ramzan

Saudi Arabia is taking Strict action against the spread of Covid 19. They have implemented new Covid SOPs for Umrah in Ramadan 2021. We have already discussed that in brief. Now according to official statements, All the arrangements to intake vaccinated and immunized UMRAH pilgrims have been made for the holy month of RAMADAN for Umrah in Ramzan 2021. All the preventive measurements are up to the mark, so there is no chance of spreading COVID-19.”

Here is how things are being prepared to host pilgrims for Umrah in Ramzan 2021.

Opening of New tracks for Tawaf

The spokesman of the general presidency of the two holy mosques (Hani Hosni Haider) said that the track at the entry to the mataf is set for UMRAH pilgrims. He further said that there would be 14 tracks on mataf for the extra smooth performance.

Three of the total tracks are exclusively for the elders and disabled people. Management also reminds that electronic carts and wheelchairs will be available for elders and the disabled. One can easily book them through the TANAQOL application.

Simultaneously, all the necessary preventive measures are in place on each track to provide a safe and healthy environment.

He also said that it is compulsory for all the employees to get the vaccine before the Holy month of RAMADAN. However, to provide a safe environment, sterilization of walls, roof, ceilings, and floor continues at the Grand Mosques.

Reserving North Terminal for Umrah Pilgrims

Saudi Arabia, the Foreign Ministry, and the Civil Aviation department issue a notification according to which Jeddah’sJeddah’s King Abdul Aziz International airport is reserve for the UMRAH pilgrims RAMADAN.

However, all the other international flights are moving to other airports. Pilgrims will get a warm welcome in a safe environment. The pilgrim’s special arrangements are ready at the north terminal of Jeddah international airport.

Opening of the third Extension of Grand Mosque in Makkah

There are a total of three extension buildings in the Grand Mosque (Masjid-al-Haram).

The first expansion was started in King Abdul Aziz’s reign (KSA), but it was complete by Shah Faisal and Saud.

Simultaneously, the second extension was created in Shah Khalid, who inaugurated the extended east courtyard. It was completed in Shah Fahd’sFahd’s reign when the west courtyard extension was completed.

After the extension of Safa and Marwah, the third extension begins by the Custodian of the two holy mosques, Shah Salman. It is also worthy of knowing that the Custodian of Two Holy Mosques, King Shah Salman himself, inaugurated that third extension in the grand mosque.

Comments of Dr. Saad al-Muhammed:

Secretary of the administration of the two holy mosques (Grand mosque and Prophet mosque), Dr. Saad al-Muhammed, while talking in an interview, announced that

"The third extension of the Grand Mosque will be opened for the pilgrims and worshippers during the holy month of Ramadan. The extended part is divided into two tracks (Umrah Pilgrim track and Worshipper track), and all the facilities will be provided on each track. However necessary preventive measures will be taken to avoid the spread of COVID-19."

He also said,

"All the arrangements to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the extended part of Grand Mosque (Masjid-al-Haram) have been made. Around 10,000 security workers will ensure that 6 ft distance is maintained between the worshippers and they are obeying all the Anti-COVID-19 sops including wearing masks."

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