Locations of Cattle Markets in Jeddah

Locations of Cattle Markets in Jeddah

Saudi Arabia, the Jeddah Municipality has organized a mobile goat market at seven locations in the city for the convenience of locals and foreigners on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha. Also the locations of Cattle Markets is provided in this article

Local cattle traders will bring sacrificial animals in their vehicles. However, consumers will be able to choose to sacrifice at their convenience.

According to the SABQ website, the Jeddah municipality says that the deals for goats loaded on vehicles will be in seven areas, not in all city areas. Therefore, This arrangement had made to facilitate the sellers and buyers of sacrificial animals – there will be no traffic jams, and the goat market will not be open everywhere.

Seven Places where you can buy Animals on Eid Ul Adha

The Jeddah Municipality informed that the ministry would permit to set up Market in the following seven places, who will bring their sacrifice animals for sale on the vehicles.

  • South Municipality in Al-Ajawid Mohalla, 
  • Municipality of Al-Balad in the vicinity of Al-Sabeel Mudhabah
  • Umm Salim Municipality in Al-Muntazhat Mohalla, 
  • Al-Nahdi Hall
  • Tayba Municipality
  • Dhahban Municipality in the vicinity of Al-Mamshi.

NOTE:¬†Jeddah Municipality has asked locals and expatriates to cooperate with us. Don’t buy or sell sacrificial animals from places other than official Locations of Cattle Markets. Also the relevant authority will take serious action against Violations.¬†

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