Postcode of Saudi Arabia

List of Major Postcodes of Saudi Arabia

Have you ever wondered why zip codes or postal codes are used or what is the Postcode of Saudi Arabia or postcode of makkah? Here is the list of Saudi Arabian Cities Postal codes, which helps to trace each individual area.

Defination of Postcode

The postal/zip code is a number that, in most cases, corresponds to your home address. Moreover, it helps different postal firms order other communication areas before it is disseminated. To put it another way, it’s a code, key, or numeric figure that aids in the identification of a location or zip code. The primary aim of a postal code is to make it easier to find anything specific.

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History of Postcode

This postal system was initially used in Ukraine, a part of the Soviet Union, in 1932 but then was discontinued in 1939. On the premise of roads and geographical features, administrative areas’ postal codes are often distinct from postal regions.

Significantly, the postal code may differ based on the location. For instance, countries like Mexico, the US, and others use a key of five numbers, while other countries use four numbers. Another illustration is Canada, where three digits and three letters are interleaved, or its component in the UK.

So instead of getting to read the full address, just the key is needed to read a mail or package. Furthermore, it is then sent to the appropriate post office.

Postcode of Saudi Arabia and its Cities

Plus, that is similarly a blend of numbers & letters but varies. In Saudi Arabia, the postal code is five digits long and solely contains numbers. The abbreviation ZIP stands for Zone Improvement Plan.

Postal code Khamis mushait Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia Riyadh postal code with major cities are as follows:

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List of Postcode of Saudi Arabia

Below is the Saudi City Postal Codes list, including Jeddah, Riyadh, postcode Makkah, and Dammam.

2Postcode of Makkah21514
15Zulfi 15941
16Rabigh 25725
17Ras Tanura32816
18Jubail Industrial City35514
19Dhahran 34464
20Haradh 36699
21Hafr Al-Batin39923
22Tayma 45511
23Umluj 48313
24Wadi as Surr49549
25Unaizah 51911
27Khamis Mmushait61961
28ARAR 73311
29Al Qurayyat77451
30Jizan 88723
31Sakaka 75471
32Badr 46357
34Al Makhwa65312
Post Codes of Major Cities in Saudi Arabia

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Frequently asked Questions

1 – What is the format of Postcodes in Saudi Arabia?

In Saudi Arabia, postal codes also referred to as postcodes, PIN/ ZIP codes and, consist of a certain amount of numbers, alphabets, spaces, & punctuations. On the other hand, Saudi Arabia’s postcodes are numerical and then were established by the Saudi Postal Organization (Saudi Post).

2 – In Saudi Arabia, what is a short address?

Without relying on street names, the “Short Address” now covers all addressable places in the kingdom. At the moment, there are around 7.8 million unique addressable locations available.

3 – Is it possible to see zip codes on Google Maps?

Depending on the search, Google Maps has added a new feature that highlights the boundaries of a city, postal code, and perhaps other borders in pink color. Go over to Google Maps & type in a city name or maybe even a zip code to see this.

4 – Is a PO Box the same as a postal code?

PO BOXES are used to receive letters and packages from worldwide. The PO Box is a temporary address that can be rented through their country’s postal system. A postcode in Saudi Arabia is indeed an area code. In the United States, a zip code is being used as a postal code. A postal code varies from 5 to 9 digits.

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