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List of All Saudi Banks Main Branches and their Location

In Saudi Arabia, there are 24 licensed banks, with twelve local banks & twelve foreign bank branches. The SAMA is Saudi Arabia’s central bank. Moreover, it is also in charge of producing the Saudi rial, maintaining the country’s foreign exchange reserves, maintaining pricing & exchange rate consistency. Whereas safeguarding the country’s financial industry’s growth & soundness. Below is the detail list of banks in saudi arabia and their headquarter’s Location.

List of Top 5 banks and their location in Saudia

Below are the details of famous banks with locations as well:

1 – Saudi National Bank

Foundation year: 1953

Headquarter: Jeddah

Address: Al-Baghdadiyah Al-Gharbiyah, Jeddah 22231, Saudi Arabia, +966 12 672 7188

2 – National Bank of Kuwait

Foundation year: 1952

Headquarter: Jeddah  

Address: Prince Saud Al Faisal, Al Khalidiyyah, Jeddah 23422, Saudi Arabia,  +966 12 603 6300

Location: National Bank of Kuwait

3 – SNB AlAhli

Foundation year: 1999

Headquarter: Jeddah

Address: F5QJ+7V Al-Baghdadiyah Al-Gharbiyah, Jeddah,  22233, Saudi Arabia, +966 12 646 4999

Location: SNB AlAhli

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4Arab National Bank

Foundation year: 1930

Headquarter: Jeddah

Address: Al-Ruwais, Al Andalus, Jeddah 23213, Saudi Arabia

Location: Arab National Bank

5 – Alinma Bank

Foundation year: 2006

Headquarter: Riyadh 

Address: Al Anoud Tower, King Fahad Road, Riyadh 11586

Location: طريق الملك فهد الفرعي، العليا، الرياض 12214

Some other notable Banks

1 – Alawwal Bank:  The very first bank in the KSA was Alawwal Bank (previously known as Saudi Hollandi Bank). This has a current valuation of US$3.6 billion.

Foundation year: 1926

Headquarter: Riyadh

Address: Dhabab Street Riyadh, 11431 Saudi Arabia; PHONE. 966-7888-406, PO Box 1467


2 – Banque Saudi Fransi (BSF): It is a Riyadh-based full-service commercial bank. In the KSA and other markets, it is a premier supplier of financial services.

 Foundation year: 1977

Headquarter:  Jeddah

Address: MPQ9+G3، طريق الملك عبدالعزيز، Al Wizarat, Riyadh 12622, Saudi Arabia, +966 11 874 4000


3 – Samba Financial Group: It (previously Saudi American Bank) is a Saudi Arabian banking conglomerate. Moreover, it was founded in 1980 with the acquisition of Citibank.

 Foundation year: 1980

Headquarter: Riyadh

Address: Al Madinah Al Munawwarah, Dhahrat Al Badi’ah, Riyadh 12974, Saudi Arabia


Another list of banks in Saudia

Bank nameFoundationHeadquarter
Saudi Investment Bank1976Riyadh
The Saudi British Bank (SABB)1978Riyadh
Bank AlJazira1975Jeddah
Riyad Bank1957Riyadh
Al Rajhi Bank1957Riyadh
Banque Saudi Fransi1977Riyadh
Bank AlBilad2004Riyadh
Gulf International Bank 2019AlKhobar
Banque Saudi Fransi1977Riyadh

Main branches of foreign banks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  •  Qatar National Bank (QNB)
  • J.P. Morgan Chase N.A
  • National Bank of Pakistan (NBP)
  • MUFG Bank, Ltd.
  •  Emirates NBD
  •  Bank Muscat
  •  Deutsche Bank
  • Trade bank of Iraq
  •  Standard Chartered Bank
  • National Bank of Bahrain (NBB)
  •   First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB)
  • BNP Paribas
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)

Frequently asked Questions

1 – What are the major categories of Saudi banks?

There are Four types in total:

  • There are Banks specializing in commercial transactions
  • Other Banks that are deal with industry
  • Some Banks that are specialize in agriculture
  • Other Banks that deal with real estate

2 – Is there a central bank in Saudia?

The Saudi Central Bank, was founded in 1372H. (1952). It has been assigned to carry out a variety of duties in accordance with a number of regulations and laws.

3 – What is the name of Saudi Arabia’s central bank?

The central bank is SAMA. It was founded in 1952.

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