KSA Family Visit Visa (2020-2021)

KSA Family Visits Visas (2020-2021)

KSA provides many types of tourist and Visits visas depending upon the purpose of the applicant. A family visit visa is one of the most demanding visit visas in KSA. Almost millions of “EXPATS” are living in KSA and mostly every family wants to meet their loved ones. That is why a Family visits visa is the most demanding visit visa of KSA. Family members can meet their loved ones once this visa is issued. Family visit visa is also called Ministry of foreign Affairs Family Visit Visa (MOFA FAMILY VISITS VISAS).

Types Of KSA Family Visits Visas

Like all other countries, KSA’s family visit visa is of two types depending upon the family. Who wants to visits KSA to meet their loved ones.


Eligibility To Apply for KSA Family Visits Visas:

KSA family visits visas are only eligible for the close blood relational of IQAMA holder/citizen. Any other person who is not blood relational of IQAMA holder/citizen is not eligible for a KSA family visit visa. It is as per the rule of MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affair) of KSA. The list of family members of IQAMA holders and citizens who are eligible and not eligible for KSA family visit visas is listed below. Please make sure to verify the following list before applying for a family visit visa. Otherwise, it will be a mess for you when you will get rejection due to not eligibility.


The above persons are stated eligible and not eligible according to the rules of MOFA KSA. Most people will think grandparents are included in the not eligible list mistakenly but the truth is that MOFA KSA doesn’t allow Grandparents a family visit visa.

Cost Of KSA Family Visit Visa (2020-2021):

The cost of a family visit visa for the years 2020 and 2021 is almost 300 SAR in 2020 and 350 SAR in 2021(Due to the crisis of COVID-19)

How To Apply for KSA Family Visit Visa (2020-2021):

The procedure to apply for a family visit visa is easy but if you are stuck at any point then it is the most complex thing in the world. The procedure of a KSA family visit visa involves 6 steps which must do carefully so that your application can approve.

1- Online Application:

The first process to get a KSA family visit visa is to apply an application online at the website of the Ministry of Foreign affairs of KSA. This application must submit by a person already in KSA and have at least 4 months old IQAMA.   You can apply the application by the given procedure below.

1– First of all search and open the website of MOFA KSA.

2– Now open the Visit Visa service and click on Family visit visa or Click on the below link to directly redirect to visit visa online platform.


3– After opening the visit visa platform click on individuals and select your residence either citizen, IQAMA holder, GCC citizen.

4– After selecting the residency click on “I AGREE” then you will direct to the family visit visa application form

5– Now put the required IQAMA number and then fill all the required personal details column in order to continue.

6– Select visa type single or multiple entries.

7– Put the border number details in the required column

8– Put the required information of the Sponsor including IQAMA number, name, address.

9– Fill in the required personal information of individuals who want to visit KSA including name, date of birth, residency, and religion with nationality.

10– Now after filling in all the details fill in the last details Relationship with visitors

Now submit the application and take a print of the application in order to continue the process.

2- Get Verification (Sponsor):

After taking out the print of the application IQAMA holder should take It to the required sponsor whose information was put in the application form. If the sponsor allows you then he will sign the application and stamp it on both sides in order to make it verified and attested by him.

3- Submission of Documents to Chamber Of Commerce:

After getting verified by the sponsor if your application is accepted then submit some required documents along with a granted verified application copy at the chamber of commerce so that the data can be updated.

1– Original IQAMA

2– Passport copy of the applicant

3– Passport copy of visitors

4– Work permit verified copy.

5– Passport size photographs (2-4)

4- Send Attested Form to Visitors:

After getting the verification by the sponsor if your application is granted then you must send the attested and verified scanned copy of the family visit visa application to the visitors (outside the country) to start the process of a family visit visa in the visitors’ own country.

5- Payment at Enjazat by Visitors:

After sending the attested and well signed granted application to the visitors. Visitors have to make an account on the Enjazat website in order to get the process to continue.

1– Visitors have to make an account at the Enjazat website


2– Visitors have to search the application by putting the application number and passport number

3– After that, they have to add their master card or visa card in order to make a payment of application fees

4– After that, they will get a verification email at the email address through the Enjazat account that was created.

6- Submission of Documents to KSA Embassy In The Visitors Own Country:

After getting the verified application and paying the required amount Enjazat the visitors must submit their required documents at the KSA embassy in their country. They will get the hard copy of the visa in the upcoming week if there is no issue with the documents and visa application. If visa type is the single entry then the person has to visit the KSA in between 3 months after the visa issue date otherwise, his visa will expire and if the visa type is multiple entries then the visitors have to visit the KSA in between 1 year otherwise, after 1 year their visa will expire and they have to start the process from zero again.

How To Check Family Visit Visa Application Status Online?

After submitting the online application and before getting the print of the application (Granted application) you must know how to check the applied application status online. Here you will get to know how to check the visit visa application status online.

1– Go the website of MOFA KSA

      Here: “MOFA

2– Select query and then select “APPLICATION SUBMITTED TO MOFA” from the option

3– After selecting the APPLICATION SUBMITTED TO MOFA you have to put your IQAMA and application number and then click the inquire in order to get the status.

4– After clicking on inquire you will redirect to the desired information.

If the application is submitted you will see the visa number and duration otherwise, you will see a text that the application is under process or your application got rejected due to the faulty errors in it.   

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