Now you can keep your business open during Prayers Time in Saudi Arabia

Now you can keep your business open during Prayers Time in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Business Federation has made a few changes regarding shops and commercial business in the country. Saudi Arabia’s Federation of Saudi Chambers published a circular on Thursday addressing businessmen. Now you have an option to keep your business open during prayer time.

Reason of the Decision

According to the federation directive, there is no need to close economic and commercial trade when it comes to prayer time. These activities should continue during business hours.

The federation later explains the reason behind this decision. The purpose of this implementation is to prevent coronavirus from spreading. This decision will guarantee the protection and safety of buyers and sellers from the pandemic.

Better Service for Shoppers

In addition, it aims to prevent crowds and gatherings outside of shops when there is prayer time. As per the federation statement, this decision will positively improve the shopping trends and experiences. As a result, shoppers and clients will receive better service.

The federation also explains that this is a mutual decision between business federations and relevant authorities. It shows the complete coordination of the appropriate authorities.

No Hindrance to Prayer timings

“We hope you will maintain the prayer time open hours of your stores and carry on business as usual, welcoming customers and shoppers,” the Council of Saudi Chambers says.

The business and commercial establishments should take the appropriate actions regarding this. They need to organize the business and work to make this decision fruitful. While carrying out these actions, make sure that there should be no hindrance to perform prayer.

The purpose of this amendment is to eliminate the crowd, gathering, and long waiting outside the shops.

Series of Socio-Economic Reforms

It is the latest in a series of socio-economic reforms designed to modernize the conservative monarchy.

The reform will increase the contribution of the private industry to its oil-dependent economy. The reform will increase the contribution of the private sector.

Royal prince Mohammed bin Salman pledges to revive moderate Islam in Saudi Arabia. Under his reign, the government has eased extremely rigid social restrictions. They lift the ban on cinemas, public concerts as well as allow women to drive their cars.

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