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Iqama Transfer Status – Conditions for Naqal Kafala

In 2017 MLSD (Ministry of Labour and Social Development) Wazarat Amal, banned the change of profession aka Naqal Kafala, which was later lifted after one Islamic year. However, The purpose of lifting the change-profession ban was to facilitate expatriates to change their job using legal methods. This article will cover all the conditions that an expat needs for his Iqama transfer status or Naqal Kafala.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a famous country for many “Expats.” According to a survey, “Expats” are doing almost 67% of jobs in Saudi Arabia. Nearly 10.74 million expatriates working in KSA, including 23% Syrian, 14% Indian, 10% Pakistani, 10% Egyptian as the top contributors to the expat population in Saudia.

Expats, who can transfer sponsorship:

An Expat in Saudia can change or transfer sponsorship if and only if he/she is according to the terms and contract of the Ministry of Labour and Social Development. However, there are three different scenarios for this transfer of sponsorship. MLSD stated that a person could change his/her job if and only if he/she complies with the conditions stated below:  

  • Expats who are already living in Saudi Arabia for several years
  • Expats who just came to Saudia and it is their first year
  • Without any Conditions Transfer.

Iqama Transfer status Conditions for Expats living in Saudia:

Here are some conditions for this case.

  • Expat is registered with the Ministry of Labor and Social Development and the ministry knows all the detail of his contract and employment
  • This expat should have completed his contract with the previous employer.
  • Before applying for Iqama transfer or Naqal Kafala, “EXPAT” should have completed one year with his last contractor (1st contractor after coming to KSA).
  • Work Contract should be registered with Ministry
  • Expat should have applied for a job in the QIWI portal.
  • He should have Given resignation notice to the previous employee.

Moreover, If all these conditions are met, expat is free to request Iqama transfer or Naqal Kafala.

Conditions for Naqal Kafala in Expat is new in Saudia:

Here are the conditions for new expat.

  • He should be capable of procuring a visa as per legislation and ordinance.
  • Expat should have applied for a new job from QIWI portal.
  • Expat should have consent with Wage Protection System legislations.
  • He should have consent with the legislation of labor procurement document and digitization program.
  • That expat should have consented to the self-appraisement plan.

Scenario in which condition is not necessary for Iqama transfer status:

In addition to the above, there are few instances where conditions are not necessary for the process of Iqama Transfer or Naqal Kafala.

  • If the “EXPAT” employer decided to abandon him/her
  • Expat files a case and the employer didn’t attend the last two hearings of LABOUR COURT.
  • Working company of expat gets ban due to “Tasattur” (Illegal Business)
  • If the “EXPAT” is not getting a salary for the 90 days straight.

That’s it. Moreover, We hope this is going to help you in making any decision transfer of sponsorship.

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