Iqama Should Be Active To Travel Through Domestic Flights

Valid Iqama is a must for Traveling Through Domestic Flights

Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudi Arabia) has said that a person with valid IQAMA can only travel in KSA through domestic flights.

According to the Emergency website, a foreigner had asked Saudi Arabia, “Is it necessary that IQAMA should be active for booking a domestic flight?” 

The primary condition for traveling on domestic flights is that the Saudi citizen has a national identity card and the IQAMA of a foreigner is active.

“Travel restrictions keep changing. Passengers can find new regulations at the Saudi link for the latest situation,” the Saudi official said. 

Who Can Travel Through Domestic Flights?

It is mandatory to have a healthy passenger record in the Tawakalna app to travel in KSA through domestic flights. A Health passenger means:

  • You have taken both doses of the Corona vaccine.
  • Or have taken one dose, but you had passed more than 14 days after your first dose.
  • Or you get cure of the Coronavirus.”

No one will allow traveling on any flight without a healthy record on the Tawaklana app. 

No Seats Will Be Left Vacant On Domestic Flights From 1st September

Saudi Arabia’s aviation department has said that “From September 1, 2021, no seats on domestic flights will be left vacant.”

Those traveling on domestic flights who have received both doses of the vaccine or are exempt from the vaccine. They will no longer allow leaving their seats during the journey. 

The relevant committee of the Civil Aviation Department has approved that no seat should leave vacant on domestic flights, and all seats should use.

“Valid Iqama requirement is going to take effect on September 1, 2021,” the civil aviation department said in a statement.

However, the only condition for lifting the ban is that all passengers have both doses of the vaccine. Also, they are exempt from the vaccine in case they don’t have it.

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