Iqama Fund

Iqama Fund and how to check Iqama available funds

“EXPATS” can only live in KSA if and only if they have valid Iqama with Iqama expiry checked for validity. Moreover, The Ministry of Labor and Jawazat charge some amount or fees for almost every service which the IQAMA fund can pay in your account. However, In this article, we will discuss how you can check Iqama available funds in your Iqama.

Overview of Iqama fund:

Iqama fund is the amount saved for the legitimate administrations. For some reason, if you have to recharge iqama or pay final exit visa fees or exit/re-re-entry visa fees or reestablishing driving permit, and so forth, you need to store a specific amount in Saudi riyal under your iqama.

However, By utilizing the Absher website, you can check iqama available funds on the web. Additionally, you can likewise check if the assets are being used or not for the necessary assistance.

Procedure to Check Iqama available funds:

To check availability of Iqama fund, follow these steps carefully.

  • Open the ABSHER portal
  • Now log in to your ABSHER account.
  • Below inquiries, you will see “PUBLIC QUERY AVAILABLE FUNDS” on the right side of “TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS INFORMATION.”
Iqama Fund
  • After opening “PUBLIC QUERY AVAILABLE FUNDS,” you will have to put your IQAMA number and image number(captcha) to continue.
  • However, After you put your IQAMA number, you will see a new tab is open with the required information and IQAMA available funds at “TOTAL FUNDS AVAILABLE.”

Checking Iqama fund if Iqama is expire:

Here is how you can check Iqama expiry. An Expire Iqama will make things difficult for you. However the only ease it provides is that you still have access to your bank and ABSHER account.

So, do not worry, you can check IQAMA available funds by doing the above steps, and you can also check either the Sponsor/Kafeel paid the renewal fees of expired IQAMA or not at the ABSHER account, which is a great benefit for the persons who have expired IQAMA.

Check IQAMA available funds if Iqama has Haroob status:

Haroob is understood to be the biggest crime in the KSA in which an “expat” ran away from his kafeel/Sponsor to other work or other Sponsor without the legal profession.

Moreover, The government of KSA charges this crime on the reporting of kafeel/Sponsor. If you have haroob status on your IQAMA, then you will only waste your time on the ABSHER portal because there is no way you can use any service of ABSHER online.

Every time you try to check IQAMA available funds, you will only see a message.

You are not eligible to use this service.”

How to Use Iqama Fund:

Well, after checking the IQAMA available funds, the only question that will arise in your mind will be that “Where you can use these funds.”

Below is a list where you can use these IQAMA funds.

(1)-In the renewal of IQAMA

(2)-In the renewal of family visit visa

(3)-In the “expat” change of professional service.

(4)-In the Naqal Kafala (change or transfer of Kafeel/Sponser)

(5)-In the fees of exit and re-entry visa (individual or multiple visas).

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