Mushaf AlHarmain Sharifeen app مصحف الحرمین شریفین

Introduction of Mushaf AlHarmain Sharifeen app مصحف الحرمین شریفین

Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, Chief Executive Officer of the Holy Mosques in Saudi Arabia, has inaugurated the ‘Mushaf AlHarmain Sharifeen app’ مصحف الحرمین شریفین app. Moreover, This copy of the Holy Quran is safe from all kinds of mistakes.

Salient Features of Mushaf AlHarmain Sharifeen app مصحف الحرمین شریفین:

Mushaf AlHarmain Sharifeen app مصحف الحرمین شریفین
Mushaf AlHarmain Sharifeen app مصحف الحرمین شریفین
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(1)- According to the Saudi news agency SPA, the Mushaf al-Harmain Sharifeen app is the official app for managing holy mosques. 

(2)- It contains recordings of Taraweeh in Masjid al-Haram and Masjid al-Nabawi.

(3)- It contains the Holy Quran’s recitation in the voices of the Imams of both the holy mosques.

(4)- Moreover, Easy commentary is also included in this app. 

(5)- The interpretation of any surah and any verse can also be discovered. 

(6)- The interpretation of every verse of the Holy Qur’an has been explained separately, along with the color, pattern, and number of verses and surahs.

(7)- Moreover, Mushaf-ul-Harmain Sharifeen app is equipped with many features. One of its advantages is that any word or phrase of the Holy Qur’an can be searched in record time.

(8)- You can access the desired sentence or keyword by pushing a button with the name of the surah.

(9)- Besides, one can easily find the number of pages and the initials of the Qur’anic verses. 

(10)- The development of this app has taken full advantage of the latest technology. This app is one of the goals of Saudi Vision 2030. Developed under the guidance of senior leadership.

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How to use Mushaf AlHarmain Sharifeen:

Here is how you can use and take maximum benefit out of Mushaf AlHarmain Sharifeen application

  • First of all, download the “مصحف الحرمین شریفین” application from the below links according to your device compatibility software.

Basic Functions:

  • However, After installing the app, open the application and select your preferred language by clicking on the Screen and selecting “Setting” Button
    • ARABIC 
    • ENGLISH 
  • If they ask, Allow access to all the things that app wants for proper functionality of the app
  • Once you opened the application, you will see the First Surah of the Holy Quran on the home page, along with the translation in English or Arabic language. 

Changing the Tafseer or Translations:

If you want to change the translation language, click on the three horizontal lines on the application’s top right and then click on the button “TAFASER or TRANSLATIONS.” After that, choose your required type of language from the 28 available languages which cover almost all languages of the “Europe,” “ASIA” and “AFRICA.”

Change the Font and Page Size:

(1)- To change the font of the translation, click on the setting button on the home page and then click on the “+” sign to increase the font size and click on the “-” button to decrease the font size.

(2)- If you want to change the translation page’s size, click on the setting button on the home page and then click on the “hand sign” or “above and below arrows” to move the translation page up and down.

To read and Bookmark a specific Ayat:

(1)- To read a specific Ayat, click on the three horizontal lines on the top right and then choose the number of “page, Juz and Sura” from the first available option or click on the “Search” and search the required Ayat from this tab.

(2)- If you have finished your daily reciting and wanted to start from this specific Ayat or Surah the next day, you have to click on the “BOOKMARK” button on the home page to save this particular page for future reciting. This saved page can be accessed by clicking on the three horizontal lines on the top right of the application and then clicking on the “BOOKMARKS” button.

How to Listen Quran within the App:

If you want to listen to the Holy Quran recitation from the available reciters, click on the “PLAY” button present on the bottom of the home page. If you want to stop listening, click again on the pause button to stop it. For instance, if you’re going to change the type of reciter whom you are listening to, click on the three horizontal lines on the top left of the home page and then again click on the “RECITER” button, which Is an available option the “RECITING & MEMORIZING” tab. Once you clicked on the reciter, you have to choose your required reciter from the 47 available options and then click on the play button.

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