What does Insured Visitor in Tawakkalna means?

Insured Visitor – A New Update in Tawakkalna

Saudi Arabia is putting up immense efforts to tackle Covid 19 and all of its Variant. Tawakkalna Application is playing a major part in this scenario. This app is a must-have for all Citizens, Residents, and Visitors. Recently App got an upgrade and added a few new features to it. Most of the people who came to Saudi as a visitor will see their Status changed from Immune to “Insured Visitor” and they are curious to know what insured visitor tawakkalna means

Tawakkalna is showing “Insured Visitor” for all those who are traveling to Saudi Arabia on a visit visa and has Active Covid 19 Insurance. There is NO DIFFERENCE in Both statuses because both have GREEN Color.

Anyhow, let’s discuss what is this feature and how it is different from Being shown “Immune” in Tawakkalna

How Insured Visitor is different From Immune?

This status is for all those who are visiting Saudi Arabia on a Visit Visa. Recently a Family came to Saudi Arabia on Feb 12, 2022. At that time they had to Quarantine for 5 days because of the restrictions Saudi Arabia was imposing at that time. During the Period of Quarantine, Tawakkalna Status for visitors stayed Purple. However, after getting two -ve PCR Test reports the status changes from “Purple” to “Green” showing IMMUNE in Tawakkalna.

Furthermore, upon checking the status yesterday, it started Showing “Insured Visitor” instead of Immune. This is because of a new update to the Status System of Tawakkalna.

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What does insured visitor in tawakkalna mean?

This Status means that the person in question is on a Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia and he has active Insurance covering Covid 19. This Doesn’t change anything. Its color is the same as Immune so everything that was in Immune Status will be applicable to “Insured Visitor”.Insured referred to in the Urdu language as “بیمہ شدہ وزیٹر”

Can an Insured Visitor travel to Airport?

Yes Absolutely. Any Visitor having status as “Insured Visitor” can travel to any Airport or any other place where Tawakkalna is Mandatory to show. We have personally called Tawakkalna Help Center to Confirm this one.

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  1. Salam. My mother had a visit visa and received 1st & 2nd dose of covid vaccine here in ksa then she went back to our country.and then she came back to saudi with a new visa and border number, but the 1st & 2nd dose did not reflect in her tawakkalna with her new border number. Few days ago, she received booster, and only the booster dose reflected in her tawakkalna but it shows as “1st dose”. I contacted tawakkalna and 937 many times but they weren’t able to help me. What can i do to update my mothers complete doses in her tawakkalna with new border number? And where can I get a hard copy of her vaccine certificate. thank you so much.

  2. Hello, I am in the kingdom on a visitor visa and my Tawakkalna status changed from “Immune” to “Uninsured visitor”. However, I do have travel health insurance that covers Covid treatment — does anyone know how to register it into Tawakkalna? I have filled in my (three) vaccination doses in Muqeem, but the Muqeem form does not ask for insurance information. I have contacted Tawakkalna but no change yet.

  3. My app has turned white, it says uninsured visitor, but my insurance is valid and extended. Where do I update this to make the app green again ?

  4. Hello Junaid, I’d like to visit Saudi Arabia from the UK in June and I understand that unvaccinated UK tourists can now travel to the kingdom without undertaking a PCR test or quarantine. As an unvaxxed tourist who would have insurance, would I be okay to enter the shopping malls, airports, etc. with the Tawakkalna App as it would have my status as an insured visitor ( I hope)? I understand that I would have 8 hours to download the app and register my details once I land in Saudi.

    1. Hey Terry. Welcome to Saudi Arabia in Advance. I would Suggest you to register yourself first on Muqeem (72 Hours Before Arriving in Saudia). Once your data is With Muqeem, they will transfer it to Health Ministrty. Once you are In Saudia and you have your border Number from Jawazat, use that to register for Tawakkalna. Your Data from Muqeem will automatically become live in Tawakkalna. Since you will have Covid related Insurance, Your Status should be Green (Medically Insured Visitor). I would suggest you to get in touch with me once you are In Saudi arabia and got Registered in Tawakkalna. I will guide you further if you get RED Status or WHITE one. Contact info is Available on Contact Us Page

        1. Hi Junaid, the Dar Al-Hijra hotel in Madinah got back to me after I booked it saying that guests need to have green status by vaccination otherwise they would be refused entry. I cancelled the booking and will try Airbnb instead. If the app is not showing my green status, would I be able to board long-distance buses, the Haramain train, or even the international airport in Jeddah for my flight home?
          Terry Poole