Immigrants Can Now Buy Immovable Property From Absher

Immigrants Can Now Buy Immovable Property From Absher

Foreigners residing in Saudi Arabia can apply to purchase immovable property through the Abshar account.

According to newspaper 24, the Abshar account management has said that “Foreigners residing in the country have the right to own several immovable properties.”

Through the Abshar account, they will submit an application to purchase immovable property.

What Are The Conditions To Submit An Application?

The administration has said that “For buying any property, the foreigner must have a valid stay. If the stay period expires, the application will not accept.”

How Can You Submit An Application?

To apply to buying a new immovable property, the immigrants can follow the below procedure.

1– First of all, open the official website of MOI (Ministry of Interior) “ABSHER.”

                Here: “ABSHER PORTAL

2– After opening the website, you will choose the type of person from two choices “INDIVIDUAL” if you are just a specific person or “BUSINESS” if you are a company.

3– After choosing the person type, you can change language to your preferred language by using the in-built google feature.

4– After choosing the language, click on log in to open your existing account.

5– After clicking on Login, you will need to put your username in English and the password carefully

6– After that, put the image captcha code carefully and then click on proceed.

7– When you click on proceed, a verification code will be sent to your Absher registered phone number. Just put the code and Login to your account to use a lot of services.

8– Now click on the “MY SERVICES” and then further select “General Services.”

9– Once you click on “General Services“, you will see a bunch of sub-services. Now choose “Real estate” from these sub-services and apply an application for your property.

10– The application must be accompanied by a complete description of the property purchased, its documents, and a photograph.

Note: Once you applied an application for buying any property, you will get a response in 6 to 7 working days.

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