What to do if the Sponsor (Kafeel) is not renewing your Iqama after Expiry
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What to do if the Sponsor (Kafeel) is not renewing your Iqama after Expiry

IQAMA and residency laws for foreigners in Saudi Arabia are clear and must be followed by all. There are also laws regarding employers and employers. It is essential to be aware of them. However, many users are asking questions online using the Twitter platform. One user, in particular, asked about renewing your iqama. Here is what Jawazat had to say

What if Kafeel is not renewing your Iqama

Jawazat said that “the renewal of your IQAMA is the responsibility of the sponsor. In case of any disagreement with the sponsor, refer to the “Khilafah Al-Amaliya (Labor Disputes).”

You can also file a complaint against the sponsor on the Ministry of Manpower portal.”

Consider the affected countries where due to the second wave of Corona, the Saudi government has banned the arrival of passengers from February 2, 2021. The House of Commons has announced a free extension of foreigners’ stay and exit until July 31, 2021.

Jawazat implemented free extension orders in collaboration with the Saudi Passport and Immigration Department and the National Database Center.

Jawazat said, “The period of stay and departure of migrants will extend in a phased manner.”
The Saudi Interior Ministry has also provided an option to extend the stay and exit re-entry period because of the current situation in Corona, which can extend for a fixed period after paying a fee.

Also, keep in mind that those whose sponsors have included them in the ‘Kharj-e-Walam-e-Yaad’ category, meaning those who do not return and whose dues remain, should go through the embassy or consulate Ministry of Manpower.

Send your case so that they will not ban it for three years.

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