How to Check Huroob Status

Huroob Status – How to Check Huroob Status

Suppose an “EXPAT” leaves his sponsor/Kafeel for some reason, or he is not coming to the work for several days without telling his sponsor/Kafeel. In that case, his sponsor can file an online report against the IQAMA of that specific individual on “JAWAZZAT” with an online procedure. We have discussed a complete procedure of applying for an Iqama in a separate post. Let’s discuss how to check Huroob status online in KSA.

Meaning of Hurooob Status

This will charge a crime status on the person, and this crime status is called “HUROOB STATUS.” Although it is the Ministry of Labor’s responsibility about the illegal action of any “EXPAT,” however, the sponsor will be answerable to the Ministry of Labor about the movement of “EXPAT” if he will be captured during an illegal activity.

How to Check Huroob:

If some “EXPAT” wants to know that his sponsor has filled the huroob against his IQAMA or not, then there are three ways to check the huroob status under specific IQAMA.

  • Check Huroob status using Abshar Account
  • Via Ministry of Labor Website
  • Check via Ministry of Interior Website

How to Check Huroob using Abshar Account in KSA

To check the huroob status using the Absher portal, you have to follow all the steps below:

  • First of all, open the “ABSHER” portal and put your username and the password to login into your account.
  • Click on the Dashboard
  • Put your IQAMA number and visa number in the required field and then click on continue.
  • Now there are two scenarios
    • If the message appears “Sorry you are eligible to use this service,” then it means your sponsor has filed a huroob against you.
    • Now if the IQAMA fund information is on the screen then it means you are safe your sponsor did not report huroob against you

Checking Huroob Status via Ministry of Labor’s website:

To check the huroob status using the Ministry of Labor website, you have to follow all the steps below:

  • Go to Ministry of Labor’s Website
  • Put your personal details in this step
  • A new page will open up in Arabic
  • On the left bottom, you will see work status.
    • If “متغيب عن العمل” is on the work status, then it means that worker is absent from his work and there is a huroob against the IQAMA of “EXPAT.”
    • If “علي رأس العمل” is written in the work status and “NIKTAT” status of Kafeel is showing (red, green, yellow, platinum), then it means the worker is on the work sponsor did not report huroob against the worker.

Check Status using Ministry of Interior website:

Use following method to check Huroob status via MOI

  • Now Click on the “E-SERVICES TAB
  • Put your IQAMA number, image captcha, Visa number, and sponsor ID in this tab and then click continue.
  • Now, if a message will appear “PUBLIC QERY FAILED. INVALID ID,” then it means your sponsor has filled huroob against you, but if the funds showed up, then it means you are clear and no one filed huroob against you.

Why Sponsers report Huroob Status:

There are several reasons of “why sponsors filled huroob against expat?”. Some of them are legal, whereas some of them are false. Keeping in view, here are some major reasons

  1. The sponsor is responsible to the Ministry of Labor for the actions of “EXPAT.” So, when he finds out his employee is indulged in illegal activity, he can file huroob against you to make him free in MOL court.
  2. The sponsor pays a large sum of the amount to make the “EXPAT” come over KSA from his motherland. So, if the expat will leave him for any reason, then he will lose a lot of his amount, which was used to help the expat to come to KSA. So, to gain his lost amount, he can file huroob against the “EXPAT.”
  3. The sponsor is responsible for the care of an “EXPAT,” so if an expat doesn’t report to work for many days, then he can say huroob against “EXPAT” to release the burden from his shoulders.
  4. Sometimes, the sponsor becomes greedy. They will ask the employee to pay some amount of their salary to them; otherwise, he will file false huroob status against them. So, it is some blackmailing.
  5. If the sponsor can not pay his employee monthly, he will blackmail him to not ask for salary; otherwise, he will file false huroob against him.
  6. Sometimes, huroob is filed mistakenly by MOL or by the sponsor.

Let us know if this was helpful or not.

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