How to Change or Update your Number in Tawakkalna

Tawakkalna is Launched during Covid 19. “Tawakkalna” played an essential role in the control of the spread of COVID-19. This app allowed different “permits (Issue-e-permit, Travel-permits, Movement-permits, UMRAH-permit, Prayer permit)” during the COVID-19 session to visit other places, getting medical assistance, and self-disclosure services. You can use tawakkalna by verifying your mobile number. However, you can also update number in tawakkalna using your Absher Account. Later on, we will discuss this in detail.

Some of the services of “Tawakkalna” application are below: 

(1)- Covid vaccine registration. 

(2)- Covid status of the account holder in color-coded reports. 

(3)- Covid self-assessment test.

(4)- Residents can access their Iqama and driving license through it. 

(5)- Dependents can now register to their TAWAKKALNA account without the need for a registered ABSHER account. The health status of dependents registered with their beneficiary account will be able to see through this application.

(6)- A QR code facility to check whether you can enter the mall or it is full.

Download Tawakkalna

You can download the updated version of the TAWAKKALNA application from the below links according to your device compatibility. 

However, the process to register a new TAWAKKALNA account is already in the previous article, but for your convenience, we have described each update separately below.

How to Update Number in Tawakkalna

As, when we click on the “UPDATE MOBILE NUMBER” button in the Tawakkalna application. It says, “Sorry, you can change your mobile phone number on the ABSHER platform.” It means you can only change or update your mobile number of Tawakkalna by using the ABSHER platform.

The exact method of updating the number of Tawakkalna using the ABSHER platform mention below.

Login into Absher Account:

(1) – First of all, open the MOI’s official website (Ministry of Interior) “ABSHER.”


(2) – Click on Individual and then Click on Login. Once you clicked on the login button, you will be redirected to a verification tab, where you will get a verification code at your ABSHER registered mobile phone number.

(3) – Put the 4-digit verification code in the OTP tab and click on verify. If you didn’t receive the verification number, you could click on the “RESEND” button to get the OTP. 

(4) – Once you logged in to your account, you will see many services. Now click on the three dots located on the top right corner of the page and then further select “User Information.”

Update your Mobile Number:

(5) – Once you clicked on “User Information,” a new page will be redirected containing all the user information, including user name, email, mobile phone number.

(6) – To change the mobile number, click on the edit button, click on the mobile number, remove the last added phone number, and write your new phone number. After that, scroll down and add image captcha code in the required field and then click on save.

(7) – Once you click on the save button, you will get a verification code at your newly added phone number. Put the 4-digit verification code in the OTP tab and click on verify.

(8) – Once you click on the continue button, you will be redirected to the next page where it will be written: “Your mobile number successfully changed.” If you didn’t receive the verification number, you could click on the “RESEND” button to get the OTP. 


If you didn’t have an ABSHER account and you registered your mobile number through your friend account. Then you cannot change your mobile phone number by the above method.

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  1. Dear sir,
    My absher linked mobile number (jawwy) already blocked, beacause iam in india now since 8 months…how can i change my mobile number? Is there any possibilities?

  2. What if the phone number was already updated in absher account but when logging in to Tawakkalna, still it ask verification code to the old number, how could it happen when it was already change, doesn’t mean each app has different phone number or it was tied up both?

  3. I what to update my tawakkaluna but it always says my email or phone number is invalid wat should i done please

  4. AO A.
    I lost my cell phone with Sim. How can I check my TAWAKLNA status. I am on vacation in Pakistan since January 2021.

  5. I can’t open my tawakkalna because my sell phone number is black so I want open new phone number can you help

  6. i’m not open my tawakkalna because my number is lost i’m not regester he need vereffetion cod

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    Now what can I do?

  8. i cant change my tawakkalna mobile number i’ll change it already in my abshare but my tawakkalna number is still the old number how can i fix this thanks in advance

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    I have lost my sim which I had registered in absher and also I didn’t remember my absher account password. Can I fix this issue while I am in quraintene.


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