How to Travel to Bahrain for Visit Visa Extension After 6 Months

How to Travel to Bahrain for Visit Visa Extension After 6 Months

Last Update: 18 May 2022. Expats in Saudia are all in a hurry. Especially those who are here with their family members on Multiple Visit Visas. It is because of the rules and regulations implemented by Saudia. Before Covid, If you had a visit visa, you must renew it every three months. However, this rule is still in place but with a twist. Now You have to Leave Kingdom to get your visit visa extension after 3 months. All Visit Visa Holders need to leave Kingdom and come back. Jawazaat Will automatically renew their Visas. However, there is no Official News from Jawazat but this is how things are happening for many people.

Types of Family Visit Visa and their Extension procedure

As many of you know, Saudi Arabia offers two types of visas. There is one single entry visa and then a second multiple entry visa. In the first one, you can go for one month and extend it for five months. However, after six months, you have to send your family back home.

According to Old Rule, In multiple visas, you will get a visa for three months which you can extend for three months. And after that, you have to go back to your home or any other country and come back to Saudi Arabia for getting another Six months. 

Changes in the Rules of Extension

However, the above rules are only till this month. From now on, there is a different rule in place. According to the new law, now after three months, you have to take your family to another country, and your visa will get an extension for another three months. This will keep repeating itself after every three months.

Comparison of Multiple and Single Entry visa according to new rules

For a Multiple entry visa, you may have to exit and re-enter, making this visa a complex one; however, you don’t have to wait for six months for a single entry visa. It will get extended one month after one month for five months. 

How to Extend Multiple Entry Visa?

How can you take these multiple visas and extend them by using the Bahrain causeway or any other country? You can go by road from Saudi Arabia to Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, UAE, and Oman. These are the states near Saudi Arabia and are easily accessible using roads. You don’t have to buy expensive tickets for this. In this article, we will discuss a brief process of how to visit the way visit the rain to get your visa extended for another three months. Let’s get right into it.

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Procedure to visit visa extension after 6 months by Going to Bahrain

Are you also wondering where to go for Visa Renewal? Bahrain is a quick option to do so. This article will discuss the complete procedure of visit visa extension after 6 months by going to Bahrain. For Visiting Visa Holders and their Sponsors, here is a step by step guide by which you can Renew your Visit Visa.

  • Get an E-Visa from Official Website
  • Since you are a Iqama Holder, You must Have Exit Re Entry Visa Issued to you. You can get Visa on Arrival but your family need a visa prior to the visit.
  • Bahrain is accessible by road so Visit King Fahd Causeway
  • Hire a Taxi on the Spot. You will get many Drivers around King Fahad Causeway. Negotiate with them, and you will get a Good Price. 
  • For Iqama Holder, they will ask Iqama and Passport. For Visit Visa Holders, they will ask Passports and E visas.
  • Saudi Passport section will Stamp your Passports and let you go to the Bahrain Side.
  • Now, Pay 50SAR for On Arrival Visa for Iqama holders. You Don’t need to Book E Visa or Any Other visa. You will get ON ARRIVAL VISA from Bahrain Authroity. One ON Arrival Visa will cost you 50 SAR OR it can be free depending on your Iqama .
  • They will check the validity of the Visit visa, so make sure all Visit visas are VALID.
  • Once they are stamped, they will let you go. Exit from there and re-enter Saudia.
  • They Will Stamp Arrival Post on each Passport. 
  • That’s it. No Need to go to Bahrain and Stay. Just Take the U TURN and come back to Saudia.
  • After a few hours, Check Absher and Each Visit Visa will be Renewed by Now.

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Things to Remember Before Getting Visit Visa Extension After 6 Months

There are a few things to remember. 

  • As a sponsor of Family, you need to go with your Family. 
  • In some cases, Bahrain Authority may Also check your Iqama Occupation. 
  • In many instances, عامل عادي are told to go back and apply for E-Visa. 

I hope this article helps you get this done. If you have any queries, leave a comment below, and I will personally get in touch with you a guide you. 

Note: This article is still developing, so we will update this article if there is any further development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1 – How can I extend my tourist visa after 6 months?

Ans: To get your 2nd extension, you need to Exit and Re Enter Saudi Arabia Again. Your Visa will automatically get extension of three months

2 – How many times visit visa can be extended?

Ans: Multiple Entry Visa has a Duration of 1 Year. However, you need to extend it after every 3 Months.

3 – What are the requirements for visa extension?

Ans: First, make sure you have less than 7 days in validity of Visa. For 1st Extension, you need to Pay 100 SAR of Extension fee and get Insurance for your Visitor. Takaful Al Rajhi costs you around 30 to 50 SAR.

4 – What is the fee for visa extension?

Ans: It is 100 Riyal for each Person.

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