Huroob Status

How to Remove Huroob Status Online

If you are living in KSA then it is assured that you must have heard about Huroob status.

What is Huroob Status:

Huroob Status is a legal status that is given by the Sponsor to his employee. If a sponsor thinks his employee is working with someone else or he moved outside, he can file a report in Jawazaat. We call this report “Huroob Status” in Arabic. This status is on an individual’s Iqama. However, there is a catch. If the expat thinks this status is not justified, he can ask for the removal of that status. In this article, we will discuss how to remove Huroob status online in KSA.

How to Remove it from Iqama:

Well, if some sponsor filled a huroob against you, then there are several ways to remove the huroob, which may include the following steps.

  • The first and easy way to remove the huroob under the relaxed time is to convince your sponsor that you will regularly come on the job or apologize for anything that leads to this situation.
  • Change your sponsor/Kafeel or transfer the sponsorship to a new sponsor or Kafeel (if the previous sponsor has red color on NIKTAT)
  • Well, the third option is difficult but much better than the huroob punishment. If you got huroob, then go to the nearest detention center and report yourself. They will detain and deport you from KSA with a ban of 5 years in KSA. After that, you can come again to KSA with a new sponsor.
  • If you think your sponsor has filed false haroob against you, then you can report this incident in the Labor court.

What if someone gets a False Huroob Status:

If you think your sponser has done this to make you stand wrong in front of authorities, you can remove this false Huroob status by following methods

  • Visit Ministry of Labor Website
  • If you have an account already on MOL, then provide your IQAMA number and Visa number to log in to the website.
  • After login, click on the “INDIVIDUAL” tab to check the notifications by MOL (MINISTRY Of LABOR)
  • You will see an allegation of huroob against you.
    • Now write all the specific details in the reasons tab
    • Upload all the essential files including
      • Work permit
      • Last salary or
      • Sponsor transfer or
      • Illegal visa trade work of sponsor.
  • Upload only necessary and required documents in the form of a PDF file.
  • After uploading the documents, you will get a registration number. At the same time, the relevant department will get the files. You can check the complaint cycle by your registration number.

What’s the Punishment of Huroob Status:

If a person didn’t remove the huroob after the 15 days of the charge, he could be caught by police anytime. Moreover, They can take him to the detention center where after some paperwork, he will be deported from the KSA.

He won’t be able to come back to KSA ever for even travel or visit, including holy visits (UMRAH, HAJJ).

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  1. I can finish my contract last November.. if I can file a transfer they can give exit that’s why I will leave any consent last March.. but they can huroob me..they can not pay our driver and teamleader..

    1. I was falsely reported as huroob by my employer to prevent me from transfering to another company. And I filed a complaint in labor and it takes forever with 5% chance of huroob status to be canceled. So my advise, if you can avoid being put into that situation, please do. And if ever you get reported for huroob, try to fix that within 15 days and talk to your employer. I didn’t know this before that’s why it’s too late for me. Employers here in Saudi Arabia have all the power. You can fight them in labor court but it will take time until your resources are gone leaving you with nothing and a very small chance to win. That’s the saddest part.

  2. What is the new law about the huroob or run away?they will be in prison in 6months? And fined 50,000 sr?its true?

  3. Can the huroob status may come back after its done removing.? And it is possible that if you cannot transfer sponsorship immediately the cancelled huroob may be come back or no??