How to register yourself as vaccinated on the Muqeem platform

How to register yourself as vaccinated on the Muqeem platform

GACA has issued a circular to all airlines regarding the registration of arriving immunization passengers. Also to register vaccinated passengers online government has established an electronically dedicated online portal known as Muqeem Platform or بوابه مقيم. You can also use the Muqeem service to check Exit Re-entry Visa Validity in the past.

Moreover, The service comes with the participation of various agencies (Ministry of Interior, GACA, Saudi Data, and Artificial Intelligence Authority, Ministry of Health, Elm Company).

This Dedicated Online Portal allows immunization travelers, non-Saudis, and individuals from immunization groups arriving in the KSA to register their immunization data electronically, which is subject to completion.

Helps to facilitate their procedures on arrival—all formal operations for entering the Kingdom.

It connects passenger information directly to the “Tawakkalna” application. This app further helps to complete the admission process for all entrances to the Kingdom. This includes all international air outlets (Air, Sea, and land).

Terms and Conditions you need to know before registering on Muqeem Platform بوابه مقيم

1- The acquisition of one of the approved vaccines in the Kingdom. So far it is (two doses of Pfizer biotic vaccine, two doses of Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine, two doses of modern vaccine, one dose of Johnson vaccine).

Update on 13 July 2021 – Now you can also Register your Chinese Vaccine on the Muqeem Platform. Just make sure you take one dose of any other vaccine which is approved in Saudi Arabia.

2- The government health authorities must verify immunization certificates through the travelers coming to the country (Ministry of Health or an authorized health authority).

3- The period between receiving the last dose (second dose of two doses of Vaccine or the first dose of the same dose of Vaccine) and going to the Kingdom should not be less than 14 days.

4- Bring the original certificate on leaving the country.

5- Entering information 72 hours before departure from the Kingdom.

6- MOI will acknowledge the accuracy of the entered data. It will verify the accuracy of the information at the issuance and entry of the boarding pass, and failure to comply with these conditions will have to be open to prevent monarchy and access. Legal consequences

7- No need to register any persons below 18 years of age.

How to Register on Muqeem مقيم

As previously announced by the Saudi Civil Aviation Authority, “Foreign passengers vaccinated against Code-19 will be exempt from quarantine at the Mandatory Hotel once they enter the Kingdom Must represent R certificate which was not taken more than 72 hours.

These travelers have to register themselves as “Vaccinated” on Muqeem platform بوابه مقيم. This will automatically update the medical health record of that particular person.”

However, The process to register yourself as “Vaccinated” on the Muqeem platform بوابه مقيم is briefly described below:

Enter your Personal Detail on Muqeem Platform بوابه مقيم:

  • First of all, open the Muqeem platform vaccine registration page by clicking on the below link
  • However, Once you opened the link, you will see two options.
    • “New Registration”
    • “Check Registration.” If you want to register yourself as “vaccinated,” you have to click on “New Registration.”
  • Once you clicked on “New Registration,” you will be redirected to a new page where you will have to add your details which includes:
    • NAME (As written on Passport)
    • Passport Number
    • Birthdate (As written on Passport)
    • Nationality
    • Arrival Type (By Air or By Land)
    • Flight Number 
    • Arrival Date in KSA
    • Arrival Destination in KSA (Select Arrival Airport)
    • Airline Name
    • Vaccine Country (Select country from where you get COVID-19 Vaccine) 
    • Vaccine Type (Select name of Vaccine)
    • First Dose Date (Select date when you got the first dose of Vaccine)
    • Second Dose Date (Select date when you got the second dose of Vaccine)
  • Once you filled in all the above information, check the “I am robot” reCAPTCHA and click on “I agree with terms and guidelines.”
  • After that, click on submit, and your vaccine status will be registered on the Muqeem portal, further recorded in TAWAKKALNA.
  • Once you registered yourself on Muqeem, Take the print of the Muqeem registered forum with bar code on the top left and show it to the authorities when you will arrive in KSA.

Wish you good luck with your travel to Saudi Arabia

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  1. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته.
    First dose of AstraZeneca taken in Yanbu. I want to go for vacation in India and for Returning to K. S. A
    do I required Second Dose ?
    I take first dose, so can i skip to institutional quarantine?
    Please help to clear doubts

    1. No, you need two doses and the second dose has to be administered 14 days before your arrival to ksa

  2. i have taken 1st dose of covid vaccine on May 19,2021 from karachi pakistan second dose duration is three months.

  3. Dear respected please update me i m in pakistan for vacation i take vecieen two doses and get c artifacts but this vaccine is not approved by saudi authority’s please help me about

    1. Please don’t take the one which is not approved by Saudi Health Ministry. Take AstraZeneca or Pfizer ONLY from Pakistan

  4. To whom it may concern, my first schedule of my vaccine, ( ASTRA ZENECA. will be this coming, May 31.. In my flight schedule is June 19. Can I entered in KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA? EVEN I TAKE 1DOZE VACCINE? Please reply me. Thank you, and godbless

    1. My daughter is flying from US to Saudi Arabia on June 06. She is 17 yrs and taken both doses of Pfizer. When she tried to register vaccination status on muqeem, it does not allow if age is below 18 years.
      Please let me know what can be done in such case. Also let me know if airlines will allow her to board.

      1. Assalam alaykum , can u guide how to register my child under age of 18 in muqeem link for travel from India to Saudi .the child is under 18 so not vaccinated and she is coming alone by air . But presently I m in Saudi and fully vaccinated . Underwhich category I should fill the muqeem form. I m confused whether to fill in vaccinated or not vaccinated resident, as my daughter is not vaccinated n is minor( under 18). Kindly guide.

      2. So how did u got registered your daughter in muqeem. I am also facing same problem. Please help me.

  5. I have taken my my 1st dose in Saudi Arabia. Now I want to take the 2nd dose in India. Will it be accepted in Saudi Arabia?

    1. YEs if you take the 2nd dose of same vaccine which you took in Saudia then YES there won’t be an issue. You just have to show them the certificate

      1. Dear Junaid, if we have done full vaccination (2doses), but we have returned to Saudi just 2 days after the second dose (without waiting 14 days after the second dose), how we register our vaccination in Tawakkalna? I understand that we still have to be in quarantine for one week, but will we be considerer immunized after some period automotically?
        Note that i am a Saudi resident

  6. Hello dear,
    I took both doses in saudi (pfizer), second dose was in march 31..i am immune , should i register in muqeem vaccine or my data already registered??!! Please reply , thanks alot

  7. How to modify data in Muqeem registration if mistake happened while filling data / filled by agent without passenger’s concerned

    1. Purpose of Muqeem platform is to register your Vaccine. If you have not taken any vaccine then why you want to register and what you will register on that platform?

  8. I have not taken any vaccine in India and came to Bahrain along with my family on 15th May. I shall be completing my 14 days quarantine period and 3 pcr tests on 29th May. Can I pass through the king Fahd Causeway with dthe negative results of all my three pcr tests. Will they allow me to enter ksa.myself and my family hold valid iqama

      1. My wife 1st dose in India which one approved in ksa but 2nd dose date after 80days. She need to come ksa its possible.

    1. No Direct Flights from Pakistan to Saudia. For Vaccine, make sure you have the one which is approved by Saudi Health Ministry.

  9. I have taken first dose astrazenac in india, can i take second dose in ksa bcz my new visa expiry date is coming soon

  10. Dear
    I have 1 doze of AstraZeneca in ksa tawakkalna show immunize and I go to Pakistan vacation
    what u say about return

  11. Im,a kenyan,currently on my vacation and im schedule to travel to saudia,and received my 1 dose of astrazenca will it be possible for me to travel to saudia,and to take the second dose in saudia?please help.

      1. Sir I want to know how much gap should be between to doses to register in muqeem portal for visit visa holder of ksa

  12. Dear admin
    I had been taken 1st dose, now would like to travel

    Can I take second dose in ksa

  13. Hi sir, am came to india on vacation and am a iqama holder. I took 1 dose of covisheid which knows as AstraZeneca. Can I came to saudi without institutional quarantine.

  14. Pls am a resident in Saudi Arabia with 2 doses of Pfizer taken in KSA but now on vacation in Nigeria, pls do I need to register myself on muqeem again though I have register on Tawakalna app before I left KSA

  15. Pls am a resident in KSA and have taken 2 doses of Pfizer Biotec in KSA, but now on vacation in Nigeria. Do I need to register on Muqeem also though I have registered on Tawakalna before leaving KSA

  16. My wife came to Saudi from India with Ist dose of covishield on 19 / May/ 2022
    How I will update in tawakkalna for 2dose…?

    1. Covishield is not registered in Saudia so I am not sure if there is any Dose available to be updated in Tawakkalna

  17. Dear,
    I took my first dose on may 10 covishield and i registered with my aadhaar ID how can i come Ksa please suggest me.

  18. Dear Junaid, if we have done full vaccination (2doses), but we have returned to Saudi just 2 days after the second dose (without waiting 14 days after the second dose), how we register our vaccination in Tawakkalna? I understand that we still have to be in quarantine for one week, but will we be considerer immunized after some period automotically?
    Note that i am a Saudi resident

    1. If you have certificate or anything similar to show on Airport, MOH will automatically update your status after 7 days. That’s my Understanding. Can’t be sure.

  19. Hi. I have first dose Astrazenica vaccine done in Saudi Arabia. Im out of country and need to travel back to Saudi Arabia. How can I register my vaccination to reenter country?

    1. You have Iqama and your status is already in Tawakkalna. You don’t have to register your Vaccine in Muqeem. It is for Foreigners only who didn’t took Vaccine dose in Saudi Arabia

  20. I have both pfizer doses from UK and completed the muqeem form 2 days ago but the vaccination status is not updating in tawakkalna. Any idea how long it will take to update in tawakkalna?

  21. Hi, I am in the UK and have a flight booked to return to KSA. I got my first vaccine dose of Oxford Astra-Zeneca on March 25th, 2021 in KSA and second dose on May 29th, 2021 in UK. My flight is on June 12th, which would mark the 14th day after my vaccine, but for the section saying “2nd Dose date” it won’t let me select May 29th. Please let me know what I can do.

  22. Sir,
    I take my first dose of covid vaccine in india which was approved by KSA .but am now in Ubekisthan after 14 days of quarantine from here ,can i enter to kSA

  23. My Wife was came to Saudi from Bangladesh on 22 April 2021 with 2nd vaccine of AstraZeneca, kindly advise how i update inTawakkalna

    1. Did she register herself on Muqeem before coming to Saudia? If yes then it will be automatically updated on Tawakkalna. Just wait for few days

  24. Hello. I am a resident and I took the first dose of phizer in ksa and travel after that. When i go back, do i need to register? Or I have to take the second dose before return to ksa?

  25. Dear Junaid,
    I took 1st dose pfizer vaccine in Jeddah on 13 April 21 status + certficate is already uploaded on Tawakkalna app. I travelled to Islamabad on 1st May and received appointment for 2nd dose on 11 June. Since I was out of Kingdom I missed the appointmnt. I m planning to return after 30 June thru another country 14 days quarantine. Can I enter KSA and book new appointment for 2nd dose. Is single dose pfizer sufficient to enter ?
    Thanx for yr feedback

  26. Hi just a clarification, when 2 doses of astra zeneca vaccines completed in ksa and already appears in tawakkalna and sehaty apps automatically means we don’t need to register in muqeem platforms,, is this correct sir?

  27. Hello,

    Vaccinated ONE dose of Pfizer on May 15th in Canada.

    Arrived in Saudi on June 4th and returned directly to work as per Aramco guidelines.
    Despite hours on the phone and numerous emails to MOH, I cannot get Tawakalna updated.
    Eservices site rejects my Iquama expiry date ……. Doublechecked expiry on Absher, and it is correct.

    What to do ??



    1. TO be honest this is a completely new situation and I have heard this first time from you. May be ask Aramco to forward your data to MOH from their Behalf. May be you will get it done this way. I am not sure!

  28. I am a iqama holder in soudiarabia this time i am a vocation in uzbekastan taken 1 dose of astrazenka return soudiarabia i am qurantine or not sir plz guide me

  29. I take first dose of Astrazanica in Paksiatan on 16 june can i entered record of first dose on muqeem plateform??

  30. Hi,i have received first dose of covishield while in kenya befire comming to saudi arabia ,on date 25.05.2021.ive arrived in saudi arabia and i hear the govt.of saudi arabia has aporove the covidhield ,how can i register mine in the saufi arabian system and update in my tawakalna?please help.

  31. registration kn muqeem max72 hours before means i can register 1 day before traveling or i should register 4 days before traveling to be safe?

  32. registration kn muqeem max72 hours before means i can register 1 day before traveling or i should register 4 days before traveling to be safe?

  33. hi i want to travel back to dammam as a health worker but i m not vaccinated, i ticket is issued on gulf airways for 11july.
    how and from where i can book my quarantine package because i didn’t find any website or agent who can book for me.
    can anyone guide me on urgent basis.

  34. Good day! You will please help me, any suggestion or someone can answer. I already got my vaccine but its Coronavac-sinovac which is not acknowledge by KSA which category will I Fall? Thank you for reply. Please help!!!!

  35. I have taken both dose of covidshild from India
    Do I need to be quarantine?
    After landed at saudi and do I need to get attested this certificate from saudi embassy?

  36. hi, i had registerd in Muqeem for arrival and i cant arrive at that date. Will it be cancelled automatically if i didnt arrive. or should i contact someone.

  37. i registered in muqeem after 2 days when i took second dose of vaccination . will it affect the approval?

  38. I took one dose of AZ in Malaysia in June, but I didn’t update it on muqeem platform. Now I am in Saudi Arabia, how do I update my tawakkalna to show my first dose?

  39. I did registration on Muqeem and now my flight got cancelled, one day delay, while flight number is same and timing. How to modify the data. unable to do the new registration

  40. I registered my jansen vaccine in Muqeem on June 7 (I have a registration #), I have the Tawakalna app but it still doesn’t show me as vaccinated. I have sent my vaccine, passport, iqama to 937 and they can’t help. What can I do to fix this?

  41. Salaam,
    Question regarding Muqeem registration.

    I’m flying from Washington DC to Jeddah and my connecting flight is from JED to Medinah after 4 hours,
    so my question is in the Muqeem app where it asks for ‘Arrival Destination’ should I put Jeddah or Almadinah Almonawara?

    Thank you
    Appreciate your help.

  42. My father is traveling from the US to Saudi on a family visa. When we try to register him he receives the message “no data found please correct the imputs and try again.” We don’t know what to do! He is traveling in less than 72 hours now. Please help!

    1. I am also facing this issue. My family coming to Saudi Arabia on 21.04.2022.
      How you resolve this issue. Kindly reply

  43. HI, did anyone try who is a vaccinated visitor and tried to enter their details in Muqeem but a message of( Visa holder is not required to register in the portal) came? any experience with that and any advise?? Thank you