How to Register on Tawakkalna in 2022

How to Register on Tawakkalna in 2022

Tawakkalna Application is a major app that is designed to fight Covid in Saudi Arabia. The launching of Tawakkalna took place on May 04, 2020. Since then, this app is improving on a daily basis and adding features to it. Registering on Tawakkalna is becoming mandatory in Saudi Arabia and you have to Show your Tawakkalna Status in order to enter any mall or Government institute. However, Here is your step by step guide on how you can Register on Tawakkalna Application in 2022 and Beyond.

Register on Tawakkalna

All dependents over the age of 18 must register on Tawakkalna to obtain a permit and to show their Vaccine status to Authorities. The process to make a TAWAKKALNA account is mention below.

  1. Suppose the KSA resident wants to register the application. In that case, they have to get their phone numbers verify on the “ABSHER.”

So, get registered on Absher: “ABSHER.”

  • Firstly, download the updated version of the TAWAKKALNA application from the below links:
  • After installing the App, open the application, and select your preferred language to continue.
  • Now, you will have to tell your residency out of three types.
  • KSA resident.
  • GCC resident
  • International tourist or Pilgrim.
  • After selecting your residency, you must put your IQAMA number/ Passport ID/GCC number to start the registration process. 
  • After selecting your citizen/residence type, you will see a forum on the App. Also, Now fill in your personal information on the given forum on the App carefully
  • After filling the form, you must have to accept the terms and condition 
  • You will receive a verification code on your given phone number. Put the code in the verification tab to continue your signup.
  •  Now, choose a password and allow the map App to access your location.
  • After accessing the map to your location, you will get asked to fill a COVID-19 health survey 
  • If you are a resident of KSA, you will see all the dependent workers in your family under your registered “Absher”.

That’s it. Your Tawakkalna Account is ready and Running. For more info regarding Tawakkalna Application, please visit the links given below

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