How to Get Online Token for Pakistan Embassy Jeddah in 2022

How to Get Online Token for Pakistan Embassy Jeddah in 2022

You may also need to renew a passport, but if you’re a Pakistani ex-pat living in Saudi Arabia. Pakistan has embassies in many of the Kingdom’s major cities, such as Jeddah and Riyadh. Getting an online token for Pakistan embassy Jeddah is not a complicated process. Still, we’ve highlighted the stages below for your convenience.

Making a reservation at the Pakistani Consulate in Jeddah

If you need to update your passport in Jeddah, you must schedule an appointment with the Pakistan embassy Jeddah. The procedure is similar to that used at the Jeddah Embassy.

  • Take a look at the webpage. Fill out the first tab with passport information and the second about the Pakistan embassy Jeddah. Moreover, make a time and date for the appointment.
  • The following page will request all necessary information, such as your first and last title, email account, cell phone number, address, city, etc. Complete the form to the best of your ability, then click the following button.
  • Your appointment with the Pakistan embassy Jeddah will be confirmed by email. On the day of your work, bring a soft and physical copy of this email, as well as all other relevant documentation.

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Online Appointment for Pakistan Embassy Jeddah

If your passport is about to expire, you can schedule an online token for Pakistan embassy Jeddah official website.

  • Go to the Pakistani embassy’s official website. Now you’ll see a website similar to the one below, and all you have to do is click on the highlighted image to see it enlarged.
  • Following clicking on the advance token, the website will prompt you to sign in or establish an account; if you are a new user, you will need to do so first. You will receive an online appointment token after you login in.

How to Make an Appointment at the Pakistan Embassy in Jeddah for a passport

Pakistani expats in Saudi Arabia now can arrange an online appointment with the Pakistan Consulate to renew or apply for a new passport. People used to wait days for their passports to be processed in the Kingdom.

  • Go to on the Pakistan Consulate’s website.
  • Choose “Passport” from the list of services that includes Passport, Visa, NICOP, Doc Attestation, as well as Meeting.
  • Select “Consular Service Passport” from the next tab and click “Next.” Choose a date from the calendar and check to see if it shows any scheduled appointments for that day; if you don’t see any, alter the date until you do.
  • Choose a specific time from the drop-down menu and click “Next.”
  • Fill in all of your required information on the next screen, such as your first and last names, email addresses, and phone number, and click “Next.” Also, double your information and click “Confirm,” then print this page.

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Pakistan embassy Jeddah contact details

Visiting Hours:

  • Sunday to Thursday: 8am–4pm
  • Friday, Saturday: Closed

Frequently asked Questions

1 – In Jeddah, how do I restore my Pakistani ID?

You must schedule an appointment with NADRA Jeddah to apply for a new or renewed NIC for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP). To begin, go to the Pakistan Consulate Jeddah’s website. That webpage can be found at

2 – How can I schedule an appointment at the Pakistan embassy Jeddah?

Visit for more information. Select a suitable service. Further, choose your preferred appointment date and time. Furthermore, now provide the relevant information from the applicant (email address, name, and phone number). Prior to actually completing the booking, double-check the details.

3 – What is the procedure for making an appointment with the Pakistan embassy Jeddah?

Click the “Next” button after entering all of the relevant information. Moreover, it includes first and Last Name, Address, City, Phone Number, and Email Address. Confirm the appointment’s date and time. An email will be sent to the address you entered. On the day of the appointment, make sure you have a printout of the email.

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